General Information
Homeworld Unknown or Unspecified
Height 5-6 ft
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Farscape Universe

Tavleks are an advanced race of bipedal humanoid.


The Tavlek appear mammalian and humanoid, with hairless grey skin and a thick muscular build. Their height is unremarkable, as they are 5-6 feet tall on average.


They are an aggressive species and act as bounty hunters, mercenaries, hitmen, and raiders, to name a few of their activities. It is common practice for them to kidnap important members of other species and cultures, in order to hold them for ransom.

All of them seem to use the same gauntlet weaponry, which uses a highly addictive liquid that enters the blood stream and boosts the wearer's confidence along with other things, e.g. their aggressive nature.


The Tavlek possess a gauntlet weapon system that responds to the users' thought whether this be to shoot to kill, stun or shield the user from incoming fire.

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