Tazba (known in Japan as Tabbu) was a planet that was inhabited by a sapient race, likely referred to as the Tazbans (known in Japan as the Tabbu-seijins). It was at one point invaded by the Planet Trade Organization under the orders of Frieza, before the Genocide of the Saiyans.

King Vegeta received a Saiyan messenger on the status of its capture. The messenger stated that the task force sent to the planet had been forced to wait three days before attempting to capture the planet when the planet's moon would be full, indicating the powerful defenses of the planet and that utilization of Great Ape form would be necessary. This did not make the Saiyan king happy as he had hoped to turn the planet over to Lord Frieza - in his frustration he slew the messenger. Immediately afterwards, Frieza himself walked in and taunted the king.

Behind the scenesEdit

This planet is only mentioned by name in a filler scene which was featured in one of Frieza's flashbacks.

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