Tchar is hereditary prince of the Skorr race in the 23rd century and accompanied the four expeditions to retrieve the stolen Soul of the Skorr, a powerful religious symbol of his people which once stolen could easily trigger a catastrophic jihad.

Unfortunately, once the artifact was found, it was revealed that Tchar was the one who had stolen it in first place. Suffering from insanity, Tchar despised the age of peaceful prosperity which the prophet Alar had brought to his people, and hoped to create such a devastating war that could turn the Skorr back into the feared warriors they had once been.

A proud fighter, Tchar challenged his fellow expedition members to combat for possession of the holy artifact, and even turned down the environment's artificial gravity so that his ability of flight would not grant him with an unfair advantage over the others. James T. Kirk and Spock, both well-trained in zero gravity combat, managed to defeat the mad Skorr and bring him to the custody of the Vedala, which claimed they would cure him of his insanity.

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