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Te is the home planet of the Mgalekgolo race.


At a first glance, Te appears to be a gas giant, primarily composed of nitrogen, helium, and methane. However, it actually has a solid surface that is blocked from orbital view by its gaseous clouds. It is orbited by 25 natural satellites, only two of which, Uhtua and Rantu, are named. In its orbit is a ring of debris which is inhabited by the Lekgolo worms.

It has a temperature range of -20 C to 95 C (-4F to 203F) and is a large, rocky planet. This planet is also known to have fabulously rich heavy metal deposits and rare metal mines.

There were once many Forerunner artifacts or ships in orbit around the planet, but as colonies of Lekgolo have been known to feed purely on the Forerunner alloy, these have been consumed over time.

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