The Techno-Sentient is an alien creature and an enemy of Zilla Junior in the 'Juggernaut' episode of Godzilla: The Animated Series. The monster is a homage to the Godzilla movie monster Hedorah - another shapeshifting alien monster.


Upon arriving on Earth, the creature shows the ability to incorporate any kind of machinery or technology into its body, allowing it to increase in size & mass. It can also gain the characteristics of that technology that it has 'assimilated' into its body. First shown taking over a remote controlled car, it is later shown taking over other technology in an electronics store before been engaged by HEAT. The creature eventually flees, but with a severed piece of its body taken by HEAT for study.

Fighting the Techno Sentient

Zilla Junior and the military engage the Techno Sentient.

At their lab, Mendel Craven devises an electomagnetic pulse weapon to use on the creature, which is soon put to the test as they are called by Monique and Randy to a building site - where the creature has absorbed several construction vehicles and grown to kaiju-size. Mendel's weapon fails as the creature reflects the EMP before absorbing the car with Mendel in it into its body. Zilla Junior arrives and briefly battles the creature, but is knocked unconscious and the creature again flees. Mendel is revealed to be alive inside the alien and states that, from what he has found, the creature has tapped into the internet is learning about humans and Earth - as well as looking for nuclear weapons.

The team continue to follow the creature, including chasing it onto a train before been able to decouple the part of the locomative the creature is on, while Zilla Junior saves Nick, Elsie and the rest of the train passengers - bringing the train to a halt before they can hit a solid wall at high speed. Continuing to track the creature, Mendel reveals the creature is headed for Fort McKenzie (where nuclear weapons are stored) and is planning to launch one at Baghdad - the aftermath of which will result in a third world war where
The Techno Sentietn wrapped around the Missile launch tower

The Techno Sentient wrapped around the missile launch tower

humanity will pretty much wipe itself out and only machines will be left.

The armed forces attempts to stop the creature fail, as their missiles are disarmed as soon as they enter its body. Zilla Junior once again battles the creature, but the military's fire on them both forces Zilla Junior to deal with the helicopters attacking him first. The Techno-Sentient wraps itself around a missile launch tower and begins to decipher the access code needed to launch it, with Randy using his computer skills to try and stop it. Monique and Elsie, meanwhile, let themselves be absorbed into the creature's body and find Mendel - before monique uses an explosive she brought with her to allow all three of them to escape. Zilla Junior, having dealt with the forces attacking him, returns and pounds on the launch tower - causing the Techno-Sentient to become attached to the missile.


The Techno-Sentient - moments before the missile's detonation.

As the creature discovers the access code and the missile launches, the creature is pulled up with it. However, Randy reveals that although he wasn't able to stop the missile from launching, he was able to change the co-ordinates and (in a alternate reference to the Alien movie) states "In space, no-one can hear you explode". Sure enough, the nuclear missile flies into space before exploding - killing the Techno-Sentient.


Godzilla the Animated Series (1999-2000)

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