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Teltarian Concept
(Dangerus oblivious)
Universe The Maw Universe
Homeworld Teltaria (presumed)
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient

Teltarians are a technologically-advanced species of peaceful sapients whom have amazingly avoided both war and evil, and hence know neither, as they are naive to evil. They naturally produce psychic emanations thanks to the stones embedded in their heads, which are mood indicators for their species. These have no effect on other Teltarians yet cause emotional disturbances in other lifeforms for unspecified or unknown reasons. It is for these abilities that their race has been quarantined by the Galactic Council. It is of note that these emotional disturbances may affect all Maw in a way to make them loyal to their species, similarly to how The Maw became loyal to Frank instead of consuming him, which is what it would have naturally done otherwise.

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