The Temolaks were a race of beings native to the arid world of Zirulast, scavenged their home system and neighboring systems for derelict starships and other materials to help bring credits home to their underdeveloped society. The Temolaks were known to deal primarily with low-tech races, preferring to use any advantage they could find to maintain their control. During the last days of the Old Republic, Temolak salvage crews often engaged in bloody conflicts for the rights to certain locations. These skirmishes led to the formation of the Temolak Salvage Consortium. However, then the Empire discovered the Temolak, the aliens quickly fled into the Outer Rim in order to avoid the Imperial laws and taxes which were imposed on them. The average Temolak stood just over two meters in height, and was a heavily-muscled being with reddish skin. Their faces were distinguished by the short horns which sprouted from their cheeks, as well as the fanlike ridges along their chins. As a people, the Temolak were quiet and timid, but could be resourceful and crafty when needed. Most Temolaks lived to be more than 100 years of age.

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