The Tempestro were a race of sapient creatures native to the planet known as Tarin IV. They were a warrior race, descended from a gentle and proud civilization. Millennia before the Galactic Civil War, the Tempestro's ancestors had a great mastery of the Force and were incredibly spiritual. This belief in a higher power, and a lack of modern technology, left them unprepared for an asteroid strike. The impact threw up a huge dust cloud which exterminated much of the Tempestro civilization. The survivors stored all their knowledge in a stone temple and eked out a meager existence. Those modern Tempestro understand that the temple was important, but have forgotten exactly why. When they were discovered by Krin Koda, he provided medicines to cure a ravaging disease. In return, the Tempestro gave him the Eye of Koda. They resemble large, winged reptiles which can glide great distances. Their heads were long and thin, dominated by sharp beaks and a bony spike projecting from the back of their skull. The edges of their wings were covered with serrated scales. Much of their current civilization was based on the trees of the planet. They were slightly telepathic, a remnant of their former ability to use the Force. During his attempt to gain the powerful Eye of Koda, Dhar Bullwin used his magic to enslave a population of Tempestro, using them to combat a gorup of scouts who were also on the trail of the Eye.