General Information
Homeworld Tencton
Height Roughly Human
Diet Omnivores
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Alien Nation

The Tenctonese, referred to as Newcomers by some Humans, are a race of bipedal sapient humanoids indigenous to the planet Tencton which are known for their genetic enhancement of certain members of their own species, for the express purpose of creating a subspecies of Tenctonese slaves that are distributed amongst their various colony worlds. A significant group of these slaves ended up on Earth, where they attempted to intermingle with the local Human culture and properly integrate themselves into their adopted home.

The Tenctonese arrived upon Earth in October 19, 1988 when the six-mile-long slave ship Gruza - a spacecraft from their homeworld transporting 250,000 Tenctonese slaves - crash-landed in the Mojave desert, right outside Los Angeles, California. These slaves were especially bred and genetically engineered for hard labor in any environment; their slavers, whom could be identified by their jagged wrist tattoos, used hallucinogenic nerve gases to induce fear and keep the slaves submissive. This exploitative act would lead to the slave subspecies' culture and mythologies which personified roles for Tenctonese "demons". However, these hallucinogenic gases intertwined with their cultural mythology and the conditions of their enslavement, and therefore several years had to pass before any Tenctonese could even begin to recall there having been anyone on the slave ship to rebel against or even that there had been rebellion attempts such as the Udara faction.


The Tenctonese were noted for being a genetically engineered race that were bred to adapt for hard labor in almost any environmental condition and were from the planet Tencton. (Alien Nation: Dark Horizon) Following modifications to their original form, they were made to serve as a slave species with special vessels used to transport their occupants from one world to another. (Alien Nation movie) A small number of these Tenctonese remembered their homeworld which was known to appear as the deepest most peaceful "blue" with a silver mist along with meadows full of a thousand stars. (Episode: Little Lost Lamb) Whilst the majority of the Tenctonese were slaves, a number of their kind held a rank above the rest who were known as "Kleezantsun". This term translated into English meant "Overseer" and designated the cruel leaders of the vessel that used the Tenctonese as slaves. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul) To the "Overseers", the Tenctonese were seen as little more than property to own. (Episode: Little Lost Lamb) These individuals were very rarely known to the Tenctonese and actually lived amongst the population where they had a demonic reputation. To the average Newcomer, they did not remember anyone being in charge of their vessel. (Episode: Pilot) An "Overseer" was charged with the supervision of slaves and gave commands along with maintaining both control as well as order amongst the slave populations. (Alien Nation: Dark Horizon) As such, they were responsible for the sale of the Tenctonese. (Episode: The First Cigar) To mark their status, the "Overseers" had a tattoo around their wrists that signified their position amongst the slaves. (Episode: Little Lost Lamb) In order to keep the slaves in line, the Overseers used a special gas mixed into the atmosphere to keep the Tenctonese submissive. (Episode: Pilot) On board the slave ships, the Tenctonese were often given small amounts of a powerful narcotic drug called Jabroka as a reward for their labor. All Tenctonese were given this drug with their "high" being an experience that lasted for several hours. (Alien Nation movie) Furthermore, a class based system was introduced with the lowest being the Eenos who were responsible for waste management which included them devouring the bodies of dead Tenctonese at times when food was scarce. (Alien Nation: Dark Horizon) At some unknown point in the past, a male Tenctonese known as Andarko and a female called Celine sacrificed themselves in order to save millions thus inspiring a religion based on their deeds. (Episode: Pilot)

Its not known whether the Tenctonese creators were themselves members of the same species that genetically engineered their own kind or a completely different race.

This race was often relocated onboard large slave ships where it was known that they were kept locked up and were not allowed to be parents. (Episode: Fifteen Minutes with Wanda) One of these slave ships contained over several hundred thousand Tenctonese that was on a course that would take it near the vicinity of the planet Earth. (Alien Nation movie) This ship was known as the Gruza that contained a crew of around 250,000. (Alien Nation: Dark Horizon) It was known that this particular vessel contained Tenctonese slaves of at least two generations with parents being separated from their children when they were only ten years old. (Episode: Fifteen Minutes with Wanda) A great majority of the slaves onboard this vessel were born on their craft with only a few of them actually having seen their homeworld when they were young. (Episode: Little Lost Lamb) The "Overseers" were charged with maintaining order on board the ship despite being outnumbered and made use of a special gas to keep the slaves pacified. However, it was known that there were a group of Tenctonese slaves that acclamated themselves to the gas and attempted to stage a revolt. In order to better control the slaves, the "Overseers" struck at the minds of the Tenctonese so that they would be cowed by fear leading to them becoming demonized as a result. For their actions, it was known that they were rewarded well for their actions. (Episode: Night of Screams) On board the slave ship, it was known that a number of Tenctonese slaves used to disappear with stories surrounding an Overseer known as Chorboke who moved these individuals into a part of the vessel called the "Special Section". Once there, it was known that Chorboke performed unspeakable experiments on his captives with rumors and legends surrounding him. Among his followers was a female Overseer known as Vesant who was his second in command. During their experiments, Vesant had uncovered a means of separating the Tenctonese mind from their body in an effort to promote a higher state of being. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul) Eventually, a rebellious movement was formed known as the Udara (meaning Freedom) who were a radical group that sought to purge the Tenctonese of all Overseers thus formenting a rebellion on board the vessel. They were responsible for creating a group of sleeper agents that were conditioned via hypnosis and were to be triggered into suicide attackers at a later date by the use of a special code word. (Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy)

Its not known whether the Celinist religion, Udara and the demonization of Chorboke was known throughout the entire Tenctonese race or only the slaves onboard the ship that crashed on Earth.

In the year 1989, the Tectonese slave ship was noted to had crashed on the planet known as Earth in the Mojave desert. (Alien Nation: Dark Horizon) The ship consisted of over two hundred and sixty thousand members of the genetically engineered race who were surprised at their new surroundings. This was due to the fact that they were in frozen hibernation onboard their ship and awoke only after their malfunctioning autopilot landed them on Earth by mistake. After crashing on the planet, the vessel possessed no means for its occupants to return to the stars or their homeworld. After first contact with Humans was made, the Tenctonese were first quarantineed after they came out of their vessel in a camp not more than ten miles outside Los Angeles. At the camp housings, Tenctonese were lodged four into a single room with the selection process being entirely random. As such, these Tenctonese did not get the chance to stay with their friends or family during the quarantine. During quarantine, a quartet of Tenctonese which included William Harcourt, Porter, Hubley and Strader recovered the means of creating the Jabroka drug which they intended to manufacture in the future. (Alien Nation movie) Among the first non-military individuals to meet the Tenctonese was Professor Charles Tower who was an astronomer who did his best to free the race from quarantine as well as learn where they came from which meant he was greatly respected by the species. (Episode: Contact) Initially, Humans were very hesitant at meeting the alien race but eventually after they were released - it was shown that mankind was quick to accept as well as understand the alien visitors. In order to better integrate into Human society, the Newcomers began taking on Human names. Many of these Newcomers as they were known also began working near methane gases at oil refineries who hired them because methane was harmless to them. (Alien Nation movie) Whilst regular Tenctonese managed to adapt to this new society, the Eenos sub-caste was further ostracised and left to live in city sewer systems and live life in waste management. (Alien Nation: Dark Horizon)

Following the crash, many of the "Overseers" escaped without being detected where they developed connections in the criminal underworld to shelter their existence. Once there, they once again began to manufacture the gas used to keep the slaves submissive in order to use it on whoever they chose. (Episode: Pilot) it was believed that the secret of making "Jabroka" was lost as the process of creating it was a closely guarded secret. (Alien Nation movie) Furthermore, it was believed that Chorboke died in the crash. Unknown to many both Chorboke and Vesant had actually survived and went into hiding on Earth. Vesant took the name Tivoli and began practicing as a Tenctonese doctor who eventually won the Nobel Prize on Earth once her species was accepted by Humans. This allowed her to shed her earlier life as Vesant without having to live with the stigma attached to her Overseer reputation. At the sametime, the Central Intelligence Agency sponsored the creation of Operation Silence (OPSIL). This government made project was tasked with the enlistment of all Newcomer scientists whether they were slave or Overseer. Agent Benson was in charge of this assignment and ensured that these individuals received new identities in return for their aid in studying surviving parts of the Tenctonese slave ship. At some point, Benson was killed and Chorboke had plastic surgeons transform his appearance to match that of the deceased CIA agent. Afterwards, he left the CIA and created his own business where he made use of elements of OPSIL to continue the study of Tenctonese weaponry. At the same time, the U.S. government hid this fact of letting numerous "war criminals" to live and thus maintained a conspiracy to ensure that the contents of OPSIL were never discovered. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul)

Amongst the biggest concentration of the species being in the United States city of Los Angeles. Racial strife appeared amongst Humans who tended to refer to Tenctonese in the derogatory term "Slag" with ghettos consisting of Newcomers being called Slagtown. (Alien Nation movie) Tenctonese also faced opposition from a radical xenophobic Human group called the Purists who wanted to eliminate the Newcomers. In contrast, a civil rights movement spawned that attempted to get Proposition 16 passed in the United States which woiuld have given the Tenctonese the right to vote. (Episode: Pilot) Special clinics were also established to treat Newcomers such as Trenners Clinic that dealt in Newcomer Medicine. (Episode: Fountain of Youth) In order to promote better relations between the Newcomers and Humans, the Bureau of Newcomer Affairs was established. Integration within Human society was noted for being a difficult thing to accomplish though a number of Tenctonese did find partners as well as mates amongst Humans. This led to the creation of the InterSpecies Project, Los Angeles (I.S.P.L.A.) though there was vocal opposition along with protests from both Humans and Tenctonese who had their own reasons for believing that such pairings were wrong. Among the Tenctonese, it was believed that a hybrid race of Human/Tenctonese would bring about the end of their species. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul)

It was known that a growing development project by the Bureau of Newcomer Affairs included building a model replica of a pre-slavery Tenctonese community that was to be created on Earth thus providing Newcomers a place to call their own with the project being called New Tencton. (Episode: The First Cigar) A notable Tenctonese to rise to the position of being a successful businessman was William Harcourt. Harcourt was known as the most influential and powerful Tenctonese to had risen in Human society who had secretly learnt to recreate the "Jabroka" drug and began manufacturing it on Earth. He intended to distribute the drug amongst the Newcomers in order to restart their addiction and get them to pay him for further supplies of it. This was eventually stopped by LAPD Detectives Matthew Sykes and George Francisco. (Alien Nation movie) One of the Overseers known as Ahpossno received a transmission from Earth and came to the planet in order to attempt to capture whatever Tenctonese were present. (Alien Nation: Dark Horizon)

In the shadows, "Benson" black ops mission using the CIA and U.S. government to achieve his goals in utilizing Newcomer weaponry. Furthermore, he allowed Dr. Tivoli to continue her original experiments on board the slave ship in promoting a higher state of being. This led to the creation of a genetically engineered Tenctonese/Human hybrid that possessed a single heart but was split into two beings. Each one was linked to the other and required the other to survive. The only known test subjects included a large giant male Tenctonese who served as a brute slave and a childlike female Tenctonese who served as the higher intelligence that directed the former through a form of mental link. Following their creation, a test was made on a Newcomer Phase cannon which led to a weakening of power in the Special section which allowed for the giant to escape along with the child. The child was later recaptured by "Bensons" forces but led to him terminating Dr. Tivoli due to the link to his organization. It was Detectives Matthew Sykes and George Francisco of the LAPD who uncovered the experiments as well as the fact that Chorboke was still alive. They were able to cause an overload in the Special Section leading to its destruction. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul)



Newcomers were ultimately a humanoid based species but possessed heightened senses along with greater intelligence and were much stronger when compared to Humans. (Alien Nation: Dark Horizon) They were created to be very fast learning race in order to adapt to new roles. (Episode: Fountain of Youth) One notable example of their heighened senses was their sense of smell which was acute and their eye sight was good enough to see in dark conditions. One part of their physiology was the fact that they possessed two hearts instead of one. (Episode: Pilot) It was possible to shoot a Tenctonese in one heart and they were still capable of surviving. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul) They possessed considerable strength which was so great that a punch from a Newcomer into the skull of a Human was capable of breaking through the cranium and pushing the bone into the brain as a result. (Episode: Contact) They also had an inward toe that was one of the distinctive traits of the Tenctonese. (Episode: Night of Screams) Being a genetically engineered species, the Tenctonese were created to adapt quickly to hostile environments which was noted as their greatest strength. This did not apply simple to their bodies but their minds as well which were quick to learn as a Tenctonese was able to master English within the span of three months. (Alien Nation movie) Such feats included being able to sift through pages of text and understand the words whilst looking for key phrases or pieces of information. (Episode: Contact) As they possessed a different physiology, the Tenctonese posssessed different weak spots compared to Humans. One notable example was the fact that a blow to the nerve plexus under the arm was the equivalent to a Human male being kicked in the groin. A Human attempting to kick a male Tenctonese in the groin region would only injure themselves with the Newcomer showing little sign of injury. Their blood was also different compared to Humans as it was purple in color. (Alien Nation movie) As a result, it was known that there were an equivalent of a Tenctonese sleeper hold which was accomplished by jumping on the back of another and administering the technique which was able to knock a member of the species unconscious. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul) Intimate sexual locations included humming at the spine of the male whilst the region beneath the knees of the female were a sensitive spot. (Episode: Pilot)

Another notable aspect in their biology was the fact that methane was harmless to them which was a reason why many Newcomers were hired by oil refineries to work at such sites. (Alien Nation movie) Furthermore, toxic chemicals to Humans such as hydrofluoric acid did not have any affect on a Tenctonese which were capable of withstanding their effects though any female that was pregnant suffered the risk of having their children suffer from deformities. (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within) In terms of nutrition, it was known that sour milk had an intoxicating effect on their bodies. Furthermore, their bodies did not assimilate nutrients if the food had been cooked which was why they tended to eat raw meat. (Alien Nation movie) In addition, they were vulnerable to concentrated levels of carbon dioxide which was capable of knocking them out unconscious. When they got a cold, it was known that they did not suffer from a runny nose but rather had excessive eye blinking. When they were constipated, a Newcomer entered into catalyptic fits. (Episode: Pilot) It was known that seawater had an adverse chemical reaction in their bodies as it served as the equivalent of battery acid to them. Tenctonese exposed to water thus suffered from horrible burns and deaths. (Alien Nation movie) Despite this being the case, there was at least one occasion where a Newcomer actually stood on the beach and was unaffected by seawater. (Episode: Little Lost Lamb)

The Tenctonese known as Moodri who was an uncle of the Fransicos managed to stand in salt water seemingly due to his faith in his religion but its possible that this due to his control over his body's adaptive physiology allowing him to survive salt water contact but this is speculation as its not stated in the episode how he managed this feat.

Medicine was known to pose a unique challenge in regards to the Tenctonese namely from the Human side. This was because the Newcomers pbysiology responded to acetoholine for inhubation as their bodies could not tolerate fluorine or ethrane. Whilst problematic, the fact that they had two hearts meant that open heart surgery could be performed without a pump making it easier to perform such operations. The average life expectancy of a Newcomer was 140 Earth years with their aging slowing by the time they reached adolescence. Thus, after the age of 20, a Tenctonese aged at a rate that was half that of Humans. This was attributed to the spartiary gland whose functions were not entirely known though it was believed it regulated metabolism. Removal of this gland and the implantation of it in Humans actually increased the latters lifespan as well as made them appear younger. (Episode: Fountain of Youth) Their bodies were vulnerable to a contagious disease known as Bolo'neesus which attacked the skin surface whereupon it attacked the neurological system. Among the Tenctonese, the disease was known to be able to remain dormant for a very long time. It was suspected that the disease had a much shorter incubation period amongst Humans. (Episode: Pilot) Another disease was known as Klatzo'leekian disease that was a bone disorder brought about by a lack of proper diet. (Episode: Night of Screams) There was also a powerful narcotic known as Jabroka which was harmless to Humans but had an effect similar to cocaine on Tenctonese. The "high" a Newcomer experienced was known to last for several hours at least. (Alien Nation movie) Another known narcotic developed on Earth that Tenctonese developed an addiction for was called Jack. (Episode: The First Cigar) In addition, the "Overseers" had created a special gas (sometimes known as the "holy gas") that was mixed into the atmosphere of the slave ships which made Tenctonese submissive and completely docile to the point that they followed the instructions of their masters without hesitation. A small amount was able to keep a Newcomer in a controlled state for hours or even days depending on the concentration. (Episode: Takeover) For reasons unknown, it was believed that the tattoos of an "Overseer" made them immune to the gas. (Episode: Night of Screams)

Whilst Jabroka was a powerful narcotic, a Newcomer did not die from an overdose from the drug but instead a massive amount triggered a physiological change in a Tenctonese body. Initially, following the massive influex of Jabroka, a Tenctonese body seizes up to the point that they appeared dead. However, this was not the case as they were actually in a state of incubation. After emerging from it, the Tenctonese was horrifically changed into an altered form. They were much stronger with feral features such as sharp teeth as well as taloned hands along with a distorted head and plated skin capable of withstanding bullet shots. Furthermore, they had a muscle of cord around their necks giving them the appearance of a cobra. Whilst they retained their intelligence, they were primarily feral and instinctive in nature as well as terribly violent. (Alien Nation movie)

There was at least two subspecies of deviant mutant Newcomers that were formed after landing on Earth. The first was the result of further genetic engineering which was compensed by the "Overseer" known as Vesant who intended to breed a more stronger worker. On Earth, she managed to create a Newcomer/Human hybrid that possessed a single heart but was split as well as symbiotically linked with another being. During the gestation process, two Tenctonese were born with one being a large brutish male and the second being a small young female. The male provided pure strength but lacked intelligence whilst the childlike female gave direction to her counterpart. Both were deeply linked with one another to the point that they were incapable of living apart from each other as they gave each other strength. Separation resulted in either hybrid dying slowly until they joined hands with one another. The female intelligence and instructions were given through a form of telepathic link with her male counterpart allowing her to silently give instructions to him. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul)

The second group was created by a pregnant female after she was accidently exposed to hydrofluoric acid. Whilst the female Tenctonese survived, her foetus was severely deformed as a result and was aborted during the pod transfer stage. However, the foetus managed to survive and became a hideously deformed female mutant that followed an insectoid lifestyle. Where normal Newcomers were able to survive contact with hydrofluoric acid, this mutant breed thrived on it and required it as part of their gestation process. Such mutants were typically larger than Humans or Tenctonese. Their skins were typically and visibly deformed as a result and their hands were altered to the point that they only had three taloned digits on their hands. Furthermore, their mouths were capable of extending a secondary tentacle shaped tongue that was capable of maiming others or go into the mouth of prey which was used to steal their life fluids in a vampiric fashion. These mutants were known to be highly violent and followed an insectile lifestyle with the original female being a very large hive Queen Mother that would lay eggs which hatched more members of this subspecies. (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within)

It was known that the third gender Binauum were sensitive to psychic thoughts. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul) A group of Eenos were also shown to possess the ability to see prophetic dreams of the future. (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within)


It was known that the species had the ability to "genetically adapt" to new environments within a single generation and that "interbreeding" with other races such as humans was a distinct possibility. Pairings with Humans, however, was noted for being dangerous due to the great amount of strength available to a Tenctonese. As such, special classes were required for Humans in order to make sure they were not injured as a result of engaging in sexual activity. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul) Females had a set number of "cycles" where they could remain fertile and after exceeding that period, they were incapable of bearing any further offspring. (Episode: Contact)

Unlike Humans, the Tenctonese possessed three genders present; two of which were male and the last being female. One class of males were known as the "Gannaum" which were responsible for fertilization, the second male were known as the "Binnaum" who provided an important catalyst needed for procreation. The two male genders were thus needed for the female who were known as "Linnaum" to bear a child. The male "Gannaum" was responsible for producing sperm which was known as "acklay fluid" in their language. (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within)

Following successful mating, the young Tenctonese foetus remained within the abdomen of the mother where it was referred to as a "pod". This was mainly due to the fact that the foetus was surrounded by a shell and connected to the mother through an umbilical cord where the child was nourished by amniotic fluid. As the child grew, an exoskeleton emerged on their neck which was considered normal for early development. However, deformities known included an extended abdomen that was not considred normal for Tenctonese newborn. During the development cycle, the foetus was known to go through several stages of evolutionary development as it progressed to maturation. (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within)

Young child Tectonese were known to enter into a cocoon-like structure called the "cherboshna" that was hung from the ceiling. This was a common process where the offspring was surrounded by family but entered into a period of isolation where they were secure in the knowledge that they were near family. The process was noted for harmonizing the senses and could take up to 11 months. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul)


Being bred as slaves, the Tenctonese were still an intelligent species as there were duties required above those of simple roles with several of their kind being used for more technical based assignments. (Episode: Pilot) Though genetically engineered, the Newcomers possessed their own culture and society which included their own language and games. They typically greeted others by putting their first forward to touch the fist of another. Closing a fist and rubbing it by the side of the forehead was considered an intimate act done to family or lovers. (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within) This included a term known as "dusty bonded" which meant that one Tenctonese was loyal to another above pain or death. It meant that these individuals would never betray the other even if it meant their death. Whilst Humans found this remarkable, it was noted as being a distinctive Newcomer aspect in their culture. Some Tenctonese, however, believed it to be an outmoded value. (Episode: The First Cigar) In addition, they believed in giving gifts known as a "dao'rok" which was given as a pure expression of thanks to another. Selling such gifts was considered inappropriate and a taboo in their society. (Episode: The First Cigar) Another part of their society was the fact that the Newcomers mated for life and concepts such as divorce was alien to their mindset. (Alien Nation movie) They also had their own sports such as Pal'lash that was similar to Human wrestling but made use of sticks and was considered a legitimate sport. (Episode: The First Cigar) In terms of relationships, Tenctonese felt a more need for integration between the mental and the spiritual aspects with a strictly physical based intimacy being completely foreign to their way of thinking. As such, it was believed that no male would want a completely only physical relationship and no female would accept such a role. Despite this being the case, on Earth it was known that some Newcomers adopted the life of prostitutes in order to earn a living. (Episode: Little Lost Lamb) Ample women in Tenctonese society were considered quite attractive, this was because it showed that the woman in question could afford to eat well and was successful in their lives. (Episode: The First Cigar) Another aspect of their culture was the fact that they had never known the concepts of clowns before with numerous Tenctonese on Earth showing an appreciation for this Human concept. Furthermore, they believed that there were three cornerstones in marriages; spiritual intimacy, emotional intimacy and the last being physical intimacy. (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within) Before marriage, the male and female Newcomers were known to take a powerful aphrodisiac that stimulated their physical and emotional senses to the point that they become bonded in eternal monogomy. (Episode: Fifteen Minutes with Wanda) Among their social characteristics, it was known that female Tenctonese never moved into the home of a male but rather the opposite of the case. It was expected that the male leave and enter into the nest of the female where they would live together. (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within)

It was also known that the Newcomers possessed a number of religions of their own. One of the prime religions was that created by Andarko and Celine. They were a pair of Tenctonese man and woman who sacrificed themselves for the good of the many. Modern era Tenctonese tried to live by their example and often said a prayer in their name before eating. Newcomers were known to touch their fingers to each of their two hearts and later reversed them in order to show that the male as well as female were interchangeable. Afterwards, they touched their heads in order to bring Andarko and Celines purity as well as goodness to their own hearts thus indicating the spirituality individual Tenctonese felt. (Episode: Pilot) Funeral processions were done so with dressing the deceased in the clothes of the Tenctonese ancestors who were described as a free people - this symbolized that the dead Newcomer was finally free from the bondage of slavery. Bodily organs were never removed from a Tenctonese as this was considered desecreation. (Episode: Fountain of Youth) The worshippers of this religion were described as being Celinists. There was another faith that made use of focal points and was similar to Earth's eastern religions namely that it involved internal spirituality. (Episode: Pilot) One of their religions was described as being Pre-Celinist which was based on a matriarchal system that placed a great emphasis on women. This faith believed in the goddess Ionia who the faithful believed was their mother and that the universe was her womb. Thus, they felt everything came from the mother and all these things returned to the mother in the end. (Episode: Little Lost Lamb) It was known that the Newcomers possessed a priesthood and often prayed at shrines. One of their most cherished spiritual relics was a device known as the portal which was to serve as an aid to seekers in finding enlightenment. (Alien Nation: Millennium) Another terrifying tale from Newcomer beliefs was Tagdot Kor'hiya which was a night where Tenctonese feared Tagdot; a cloaked fearsome figure in their legends who was stated to rise amongst his people on the third rotation of the equinox when the paraxial suns were in line. During the night, it was known that he filled it with screams with many stories surrounding him but a single theme being a common factor namely that he was evilness consumed by madness. His darkness was said to live in the hearts and minds of all Tenctonese with fire in his hands along with steel in his heart. Tagdot was known to had expected adulation but when the Newcomer great fathers gave him none, the night ended with their cries as his armies spread through the cities where they destroyed all life in their path. These attacks were merciless with hands being severed that were kept for a specific purpose and the victims bleeding to death with body upon body lying on the streets. Thousands of such bodies were left leaving only Tagdot who cried not out of sadness but because there were no living foes to destroy. The "Overseers" were known to had made particular use of this legend to control the Tenctonese. (Episode: Night of Screams)

All the myths and the legends of the Tenctonese were believed to be rooted in truth. (Episode: Night of Screams) They were also known to had demonized a number of their Overseers due to the unspeakable crimes and actions they committed. In fact, the name "Kleezantsun" in some translations to meant "demon". (Episode: Pilot) One of the most noted of their number was Chorboke who was a scientist that performed horrible experiments on the slaves. As a result, he was called the Dark One and the Keeper of Hell. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul) Ultimately, it was known that their evil had given birth to legend and was stated that it should never be forgotten the crimes they did to the Tenctonese. (Episode: Night of Screams) Despite the hatred of the "Overseers", it was known that some Tenctonese desired to attain the power that their masters had once held. (Episode: The Takeover)

The Newcomers possessed their own language and writing which were capable of being translated into English though certain words were lost in the translation. Examples of their words included:

  • Kleezantsun : meant roughly "lord over" or "see over" but it had another meaning which translated to mean "demon". (Episode: Pilot)
  • Ss'kya'ta : which meant "screw you". (Alien Nation movie)
  • Ss'trokya' ss'lato na'! : meant "Your mother mates out of season."(Alien Nation movie)
  • Ss'loka : meant "small but intelligent creature" though it lost some of its meaning in the translation. (Alien Nation movie)
  • Ss'verdlatya ss'alo : translated to mean "Duty-bonded" and indicated a persons allegiance to another was above pain or life. (Alien Nation movie)
  • Ssy'kes : translated roughly to mean excrement. (Episode: Pilot)
  • Dao'rok : a gift that was given as a pure expression of thanks. (Episode: The First Cigar)
  • Bo'wahn : means valiant and is a typical Newcomer name. (Episode: Contact)

In addition, Tenctonese binary code was known to be used by the "Overseers" that was similar to morse code and served as a secure means to send messages to one another. (Episode: Contact)

Their assimilation into Earth society was noted as being a difficult move for the Newcomers. It was known that they were given the derogatory term "Slag" whilst Tenctonese referred to Humans as "Terts". (Episode: Pilot) Being formerly a slave race, some of the Newcomers were quite curious about Humans. This was because mankind had invited the Tenctonese to live amongst them in an atmosphere of equality which they had never known before. Furthermore, they were allowed access to a world of freedom and opportunities with full ownership over their own lives for the first time in their history. In addition, Humans asked the Tenctonese no more of them than what mankind accomplished themselves; namely the rules that did not keep people subordinate to one another but rather attempt to preserve the atmosphere of equality. These were considered very high ideals amongst the Newcomers who were greatly saddened when Humanity failed to live up to them. This was because they were always the subject to aggression and hatred by Humans which they bore the brunt of in such instances. Newcomers simply accepted the hatred and contempt due to their fragile position on Earth as the separationists intended to return them to the isolation camps whilst the fundamentalists intended to give them the same rights afforded to house pets only. Despite this being the case, the Tenctonese accepted this simply because this life was preferable to their enslavement by their former masters. (Alien Nation movie)

Whilst on Earth, there was division amongst the Tenctonese in regards to integration within Human society. The possibility of interspecies mating and procreation was another debated topic amongst members of their race. This was because a number of Tenctonese felt concern over the future of their race if they reproduced with Humans as they wondered what would happen to their own kind. It was believed by some that in the generations to come, the Humans and Newcomers could potentially evolve into a new species. However, it was believed that the resultant race would be closer to Humans than Tenctonese which would set their own kind back by a thousand years. This ultimately meant that some supported interspecies mating whilst others opposed it. (Alien Nation: Body and Soul) Furthermore, there was cultural aspects involved as well as these Tenctonese did not believe they should celebrate Human holidays. Such individuals felt that they had no place on the planet Earth. (Alien Nation: Millennium) After arriving on Earth, there were some Tenctonese who were referred to as "Soo'nag" which meant that they had no self in the sense that they still lived the life of a slave despite being technically free. This phenomena was known though was not widely seen by the Newcomers. Such individuals faced trouble in living a life a freedom as they were no longer able to entirely think for themselves since they adopted new "masters" to control them and thus were unable to function well in society by themselves. (Episode: Little Lost Lamb) During their life as slaves, the Tenctonese were never allowed to be with their children and struggled with being parents after attaining their freedom. (Episode: Fifteen Minutes with Wanda) Newborn Tenctonese were only allowed to remain with their parents until the age of ten whereupon they were taken away; sometimes to either another work station or to another planet entirely. (Episode: Contact) Those that were blessed with a child went through Moak'te'booti prayer which was a spiritual centering exercise. (Episode: Night of Screams)

One aspect introduced into Tectonese society was a type of caste based system. A majority of their species whilst bred as slaves were employed in somewhat respectable positions such as miners. However, a more lowly position emerged such as those tasked with waste disposal on board the slave ship which was given to a distinctive subcaste known as the Eenos. This group had only a few visual differences compared to normal Tenctonese but were still otherwise hated and loathed to the point that the mainstream castes viewed the Eenos as a separate lowly species rather than a class of their own race. Traditionally, an Eeno was seen as being unclean by the rest of their race leading to their segragation. This revulsion stemmed from multiple sources the first of which was the responsibility of disposing of waste. Due to lack of food available, the Eenos had little recourse but to eat the very waste they were tasked with disposing. Furthermore, amongst this waste included the dead bodies of Tenctonese and at times when food was low; it was known that the Eenos fed on the body of their fellow Tenctonese. As such, regular Tenctonese viewed the Eenos with disgrace and being unclean as they were viewed as being canniabls. It was even known that regular Newcomers were loath to aid an Eeno and gangs were known to cruelly beat them up along with anyone that supported them. (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within)

Amongst the Eeno on Earth, some decided to continue their old servitude by living underground in toxic environments in order to make a living due to the fact that they were still outcasts amongst their own kind. Such a faction believed in a new world order would form after the creation of the deviant mutant Newcomers. The Eenos willingly served the Queen Mother in the belief that she was the natural evolution of a species that would save the Earth from toxic chemicals and further believed that she would elevate the Eeno to the position of being their priests. This group was unaware of the fact that the Queen Mother was later able to reproduce by herself without the aid of contaminating Eeno women foetuses with hydrofluoric acid. Another faction of Eeno decided to live in the mountains in order to find a more peaceful life for themselves without falling back on their old functions from the slave ship and thus lived in the wilderness by the mountains. (Alien Nation: The Enemy Within) An extremist faction of Tenctonese dated to the time during their enslavement onboard their mothership. Known as the Udara, this group sought for the elimination of all Overseers and later encompassed the Humans who they believed had now taken over their old "masters" role. (Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy) More open groups included the Daughters of Celine that existed on Earth. (Episode: The First Cigar) There was also a fringe group that worshipped the dark being known as Tagdot with the presentation of severed hands being given during such gatherings. (Episode: Night of Screams)

One of the darkest secrets that the Tenctonese attempted to hide from Humanity was their dependence on the "Jabroka" drug. (Alien Nation movie)

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