Galaxy Milky Way
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary terrain Lush Jungles, Mountains
Native fauna Vaxasaurian,Tyrannopede
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10

Terradino, is at first glance, the perfect candidate for a dream vacation brochure. A beautiful mountainous, temperate world, Terradino is home to a vast and varied numbers of diverse minimalistic alien species, many creatures great and small. Tragically, all these different species have not evolved here together peacefully. Warring factions in every group constantly seek to wrench control of society for themselves. However, one particular species, the Vaxasaurians, has been able to temporarily restore order though their sheer physical superiority. But how long will it be before the violence and chaos of this planet's inhabitants manage to consume their postcard paradise?

Inhabitants Edit

  • Vaxasaurians (Dominated species)
  • Tyrannopedes (Vaxasaurians' mortal enemies/nautral predators)
  • Astrodactyl's Species (Unknown state)


  • In the series, Humongosaur (a Omnitrix's Vaxasaurian) hailed from Terradino.
  • This planet revealed that dinosaurs and prehistoric-like aliens exist on the planet, their culture mostly seek conquest and living in tribes.
  • Vaxasaurians are the dominated lifeforms and Tyrannopedes are the nautral predators, may by a war against the these monsters.
  • Humongosaur resembles a humanoid , muscular prosauropod/ornithomimosaur hybrid and are able to protect themselves by evolving, all of the armor-based dinosaurs.