General Information
Homeworld Terraklon Six
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Aggressive and warlike
Status Possibly threatened
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ratchet & Clank Universe

Terraklons are squiggly armed sapients native to Terraklon Six


Terraklons are close relatives to two other sapient species, the Argonoids and the Paladrones, who share much in common in overall appearance. Terraklon skin is typically green, but Terraklon skin also be purple.

Oddly enough, the number of eyes a Terraklon can have varies. Most Terraklons have six slit eyes, but Flint Vorselon had a single large eye that covered nearly his entire face. Terraklons also have long Spock-like ears and a fanged mouth.


Long ago, the Terraklons were brutal and warlike species in the Polaris Galaxy, though not to the extent as the Cragmites certainly. Their aggressive nature naturally led them to attack other sapient species, such as the tribal Fongoids, but the Lombaxes were often able keep the Terraklons from truly becoming a galactic threat, in part because of Terraklons feared the Lombaxes.

At some point in their history, the Terraklons waged a full frontal assault on Zaurik, the homeworld of their arch nemesis, the fish like Drophyds. Led by Lord Vorselon, the greatest Terraklon assassin in all of Terraklon, Terraklons fought hard to finally crush their enemies. While the Terraklons fought hard, the Drophyds were able to defeat the Terraklons, as well as destroy Lord Vorselon's body in the process.

When Percival Tachyon rose to power in the Polaris Galaxy, the Terraklons were enslaved, and forced to serve as gladiators on planet Mukow, much like Argonoids and Paladrones. Ironically, these Terraklon gladiators not only served to amuse Tachyon, but also the his Imperial Army, whose ranks consisted of Drophyds.

During the events of Tools of Destruction, Terraklon Six was vaporized in the Thyrullian Supernova. Because of this, many Terraklons (except Lord Vorselon) were pardoned from Zordoom Prison on planet Viceron. The Terraklons were thus allowed to wander the galaxy in search of a new homeworld to colonize. The current fate of this endeavor is unknown.


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