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Homeworld: Alpha Ceti

Known Emperors: Khoan

Racial Tendencies: TBA

Tech Specialties: TBA

The Terran Khanate is the twisted reflection of the noble Human race. They are ambitious, persistent, and cunning. Yet, they were born of blood and war, leaving them unable to move past the traumas of their development. All they see is war. All they know is power, destruction, and ruthless manipulation. They see the galaxy as a lawless space ruined by social freedoms run rampant, leading the races to weakness and decay. The Khanate was born in a time of great struggle, during a time when their planet was dying and they were forced into exile. On barely light speed capable generation ships they left their home world. Over the generations ships were lost, rebellions occurred, and the will to live became weak.

The First of the Khans, Khan Leda, a merciless and calculating individual who operated from the shadows, rose to power in this time of chaos. Dire circumstances called for radical solutions in the eyes of the Khan as she ordered bloody purges to stem the tide of deviancy, corruption, and greed. Castes were established and dissidents were hushed. All roots of humanity were burned away, leaving the newly formed Terran people to rise from the ashes.

After consolidating her power her next goal was to find a new home. After several years scouts had found a barren, arid planet with a breathable yet slightly tainted, atmosphere. Descending on Alpha Ceti the Terran's fought the planet itself to survive. Once they began to expand across the world is when they discovered The Towers - an ancient system that cloaked their world allowing them to thrive undisturbed. If the Towers had been there before they landed has been a mystery to the Terran's since they were discovered.

The Terrans, warped by their once Human instinct for survival, now seek to guarantee their position of authority in the galaxy. They intend to use their power to guide the errant races to the path of strength, or the will of the Khan, by forcefully removing their weakest aspects so the strong may thrive.