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Terror Ant
Universe Earth Defense Force Universe
Homeworld Earth (altered by Ravagers)
Average Height Dependent on particular strain
Diet Carnivore
(Presumed due to ant DNA)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Terror Ants are bio-mechanical weapons created and utilized by the mysterious Ravagers for use against the indigenous inhabitants of the planet Earth. Four types are currently known to exist: Black Terror Ants, Red Terror Ants, Young Queens, and Adult Queens. Black and Red Terror Ants are distinguishable primarily by their color, while the winged Queens are distinguishable by their size discrepancy. When the Ravagers chose to create the Terror Ants, the ant was apparently chosen in an attempt to instill fear in the local sapient inhabitants.

While Terror Ants are not particularly durable, their strength comes in sheer numbers. The Ravagers will often deploy these at a given spot where they will sweep the surrounding area, conquering and killing whatever resistance they come across, and then they will begin to burrow, creating a large catacomb nest from which a queen is placed to churn out a nearly infinite supply of her brood. Terror Ants are built to be capable of either crushing a foe in their powerful mandibles or spray acid to eat away at the victim's armor and skin; this acidic compound is of interest to EDF Headquarters. Red Terror Ants were produced after the Black Terror Ants, and were given a strengthened carapace, capable of withstanding significantly more damage. Due to their jointed legs and the bio-mechanical structuring within them, they are capable of scaling walls with absolute simplicity, and will do so quite often, giving them the deadly art of surprise.

Queens rule the nests without question, and have been seen in truly frightening sizes. They have the ability to spread massive 'acidic winds' in the general vicinity of their wings, yet they are apparently incapable of flight, which is ironic given that the Ravager centipedes are entirely capable of self-sustained flight.

Terror Ants can eventually become upgraded by the Ravagers into Ravager Ants, also known as Bio-mechanical Ants.

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