General Information
Homeworld Khoros
Height 12ft(average)
Skin Colors Mostly red but sometimes blue.
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapience
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Tetramands are an alien species from the desert planet Khoros.


A massive species with four powerful arms, the average Tetramand is 10 to 12 feet tall with a dense armor-plated skin. Built for battle, Tetramands can take punishment as well as they can dish it out. With their incredibly strong legs, a Tetramand can leap blocks at a time at a height of several stories. While not necessarily martial artists, Tetramands have developed an arsenal of specialized maneuvers that makes use of their prodigious physiology. A favorite move is the "Big Smack" - a sonic wave produced by clapping all four hands together at the same time, which stuns an opponent into submission before a blow can even be landed.
Female Tetramand

Female Tetramand


As Khoros' environment has evolved the Tetramand species into physical powerhouses, the species has sacrificed speed for their incredible strength and as such are slow and clumsy. This causes them to be weak against high speed enemies which tend to play against them using their agility and flexibility; a trait Tetramands are greatly incapable of defeating. Besides making them a huge target, the Tetramands' size also makes it difficult to get inside buildings or walk down a street without knocking things down. Bred for strength, much of the damage they inflict is often purely unintentional, which makes Tetramands almost as dangerous to their allies as they are to their enemies.

Culture Edit

They race of bloodthirsty warriors that constantly battle and conquering other tribes,  seeking glory and recovering past's relics for an advantage over enemies. Currently, Warlord Gar Red Wind is ruler of the Tetramands.

When forming alliance or received anything like weapons, etc. They must prove their worth by combat. If an outsider like (Kevin E.Levin) if the male challenger defeats the warlord's daughter, not only the winner received the possession he fought for. But, a bride (warlord's daughter) and the marriage event is set in three years (Earth's years). The female Tetramands are loyal to the strongest male that defeated them and set to marry him.

Technology Edit

Their technology is more of Bronze Age, they wear Greek/roman battle armor clothing and warriors wear gladiator-like clothing. They are specialists of building indestructible Khoros Engines and warships, powerful weapons like war sledgehammers, swords etc.

Notable Members Edit

  • Four Arms
  • Tini
  • Gorvan (Former Plumber and Black Market Tech Dealer)
  • Kolar (criminal)
  • Manny Armstrong (Half-Tetramand, Half-Human)
  • House of Red Wind
    • Warlord Gar
    • Looma Red Wind (princess and daughter of Warlord Gar Red Wind)
    • Gar's warrior guards
    • Old Priest



  • Females are traditionally stronger than males.
  • Tetramands can grow big like Warlord Gar, when they dominated and won every conflicts throughout the years. 
  • Leader of tribes wear capes shoulder collars with white fur, this sign of leadership is similar to the Green Martian. They battle for Jeddak (King) of their people or tribes after killing White Apes.
  • They share similar traits of Shokans from Mortal Kombat.