Tex Hex
Biography Information
Homeworld New Texas
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Red hair, that turned white
Eye Color Red
Philosophy Corrupted, greed
Interests Kerium
Personality A cantankerous, ornery attitude
Affiliation Carrion Bunch
Behind the Scenes
Universe BraveStarr
Created by Filmation
Lou Scheimer
Designed by Filmation
Performed by Charlie Adler
Appearances BraveStarr - The Legend
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Background Edit

He started out as a human prospector, that turned greedy on New Texas, when he found the large deposit of Kerium, over load his ship and left his partner Angus McBride, behind. Also making a deal with a diminutive Prairie Person called Scuzz, they crashed, leaving both Tex and Scuzz mortally wounded. The evil Broncosaur spirit called Stampede took advantage of the situation.

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