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The Tha' Roon are a race of serpentine beings from the planet Yauvan.

History Edit

The Tha' Roon were the dominate species on Yauvan, along with three different other sapient species that they shared it with. For centuries, four distinct races coexisted on the planet in a fragile social order dictated by the omnipotent serpent-like Tha' Roon species.Their powerful empire was built on the allegiance of the mighty Obblinox and the servitude of the plant-like Eaggra.

However their rule did not last when the subjugated races turned upon them. The first were the Obblinox, they revolted against their ancient masters, no longer willing to serve the military purposes of their overlords. Deprived of the military might the Obblinox troops, the Tha' Roon were powerless to preventing the Eaggra insurrection.

Since then Tha' Roon are struggling to keep what remained of their crumbling empire.

Biology Edit

The Tha'Roon are a reptilian race that resemble Giger's Xenomorph and the Skeksis of the Jim Henson/Frank Oz fantasy movie The Dark Crystal. The Tha' Roon possessing the lower torso of a snake and equipped with two limbs, resemble purple-skinned snakelike humanoids. In addition being the most intellectually developed of the four races their craniums are quite large and bulbous and possess psionic abilities.

Culture Edit

Tha' Roon society was highly stratified, but permitted the Tha' Roon masters to live comfortably. Due to their arrogance and being themselves to be superior to their evolutionary neighbors they delegated all manual work to their slaves. However since the First War of Yauvan, the Tha' Roon have since then taken strides to rebuild their shattered empire with their own hands.

Terminology Edit

  • Minister: The Minister is a political office in the Tha' Roon government representing a clan. These unique individuals must have a Psionic background. They exhibit leadership initiative, great mental abilities, and an enhanced combat training.

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