Planet Thanagar

Thanagar is the original homeplanet of the humanoid Thanagarian race, noted for the discovery of gravity-defying Nth Metal. The planet is in orbit around the star Polaris, although is sometimes quoted as being in the Polaris Galaxy.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Dormor, a mountain range
  • Enndupar, the City of Lights
  • Isle of Chance, a penal island.
  • Kolamoran Island: The island where Kalmoran, Thanagar's first and greatest hero, was born.
  • Metal Mint
  • Sea of Scythia
  • Thalrassa: Current capital city of Thanagar.
  • Thalsalla: Former capital city of Thanagar.
  • Thanaldar
  • The Equalizer Disease
  • Veil of Valmorra

Notable InhabitantsEdit



Thanagar was a highly advanced science-based world with no problems of poverty, and no issues of civil or political unrest, making it a Utopia. It was run through a single government known as the Ruling Council without any need of a police force. However an alien species known as the Manhawks invaded, instigating the practice of stealing for the thrill of it. As a result of these malicious beings, Paran Katar established the "Hawk-Police", also known as the "Wingmen". Amongst the first Wingmen was Paran's son, Katar Hol. Eventually order was restored, though not completely, as by that point a number of Thanagarians had adopted the concept of crime.

Katar and his wife Shayera Hol, who also served as one of the Wingmen, would later travel to Earth while in pursuit of a shapeshifting villain named Byth. Once here, the duo chose to remain on the planet in an attempt to study Human police methods, ultimately becoming the superheroes known as Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

Unfortunately for Thanagar, a plague was unleashed by the villain called the Equalizer, which was followed by the takeover of the planet by Hyathis (only to be liberated again by Hawkman). This chain of events caused much of the science and technology of the planet to become lost. This would lead the world into an expansionist phase, ultimately beginning a war with Rann. Although this war would eventually come to a resolution, Thanagar would make several covert attempts to take over Earth. Katar and Shayere chose to betray their own people and side with the Earth in this conflict. The Shadow War of Hawkman continued up to the Crisis.


Thanagar here is portrayed as already being an expansionist planet, plundering other worlds with the Hawk-Police having become corrupt. Thanagarian noble classes live in floating cities, with aliens in the "Downside" ghettos.

Millennia ago, Thanagar was a slave world, conquered by the Polaran Empire. Legends would state that Kalmoran freed his people with an army of 3,000 Thanagarians, driving the Polarans away. Using their own ships against them, Kalmoran would move to free several other conquered planets before finally attacking the Polarans on their own homeworld. Afterwards, Kalmoran became ruler and is still honored as Thanagar's first and greatest hero.

As the centuries passed, the Thanagarians began to develop spaceships and worked to explore the galaxy. Ironically enough they would begin to conquer other planets themselves, making them protectorates of the Thanagarian Empire and stripping their worlds of their natural resources and treasures. They would also bring back large numbers of these inhabitants to Thanagar as slaves.

This would lead Thanagar to evolve into a greatly divided society. The slave class, which consisted of most aliens but also some Thanagarians, were cast down to the lower ghettos referred to as Downside, while the rest of the Thanagarians lived in High Towers, where poverty, crime and suffering were virtually unheard of. Even so, several thousand Downsiders would die of starvation or the rampant diseases that plagued the lower levels. It is estimated that about three billion offworlders live in Downside and one thousand offworlders are brought in everyday.

As in the original timeline, Katar Hol and Shayera Thal pursued Byth to Earth, remaining to establish a relationship between this new world and their own. The local media would dub them as Hawkman and Hawkwoman, due to their similarity to the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Thanagar later developed the Elite Hawkmen Force, an elite squad of Wingmen. The planetary government continued to be expansionist and corrupt, and eventually Hawkman and Hawkwoman claimed sanctuary on Earth.

The planet was one of several worlds to unite in an attempt to invade the Earth, though before the invasion would take place a single Thangarian agent was sent to the planet Earth to pose as a new Hawkman. Initially, the Thanagarian excuse for joining this invasionary union was to capture the traitors Katar and Shayera Hol. This was in fact due to the Thanagarian custom of sending scouts to study planets as much as they can before an actual invasion is initiated.

Thanagar's government was subsequently overthrown by Onimar Synn, who had taken control of the Nth Metal. He was defeated by a resurrected Hawkman, but returned during the Rann-Thanagar War.

Infinite CrisisEdit

During the Rann-Thanagar War, an event that occurred during the Infinite Crisis, Thanagar was devastated by a cataclysm after the leader of a rogue group of Thanagarians, during a battle with Adam Strange, chose to teleport the planet Rann into the Thanagarian system with the hope of creating a dictatorship between the two worlds. However, this teleportation was a poor move, and was believed to have altered Thanagar's orbit enough to cause it to pass too close to the system's star. A large number of Thanagarian refugees fled to Rann, and internal forces would lead to all-out war between the two planets.

During this conflict, both forces were faced with a fracture in spacetime that resembled those that were seen during the Crisis of Infinite Earths.

Tigorr of the Omega Men later discovered a stray Thanagarian surveillance satellite, which had documented footage of Superboy-Prime forcing Thanagar out of orbit. Though the satellite was soon lost in the chaotic environment, Adam Strange gathered the heads of each faction so that they might stop fighting amongst themselves and work together against the new cosmic threat. On the now-barren surface of Thanagar, he soon found the evidence to convince all the warring groups: handprints deep within an enormous crater, created by Superboy's interference. L.E.G.I.O.N., Thanagar, Rann, and New Cronus combined their forces to make a full assault on the force behind the rift, with Ion, AKA Kyle Rayner, in the lead.

Green Lantern Corps members Kilowog and Kyle Rayner would later re-terraform Thanagar, making it again suitable for habitation.

Thanagarian weaponry has recently begun appearing on Earth, smuggled by the Secret Society of Super Villains.

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