General Information
Habitat Ammonia planets, hyperspace (witch-space)
Body Type Insectoid
Height 2.1 meters
Skin Colors Dark chitin
Locomotion Bipedal and quadrupedal
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Elite Universe

The Thargoids are a species of belligerent, warlike insectoids who are said to originate outside of known space, perhaps existing in a parallel universe or spatial dimension. They may be an extra-galactic species.[1]

NOTE: Some points within this article are speculation and based on the classic Elite games. The Elite Dangerous timeline has some disparities.

History Edit

This is primarily based on the Elite Dangerous timeline.[2]

  • 2849 - First encounter between GalCop and Thargoid vessels. They are found to be belligerent and ruthless in stellar combat.[3]
  • 2851 - First recorded Thargoid invasion of a GalCop system. The Galactic Navy is mobilised and its structure is reorganized.[3]
  • 2870-2875 - Thargoid warfare settles into a series of warzones. Regular sorties are made by lone vessels into some surrounding systems.[3]
  • 3125 - The first reported encounters between human starship pilots and a new intelligent alien species occur. This species is named "Thargoids" by the pilots who survive the experience.[2]
  • 3151 - The conflict between humans and Thargoids ends following the successful deployment of the mycoid bioweapon. The Galactic Cooperative funds Project Equinox, an initiative that establishes multiple deep space monitoring outposts such as GCS Sarasvati to watch in case the Thargoids returned.[2]
  • 3155 - December 27 - Dr. Cassandra Lockhart of Project Equinox notes there have been no sightings of Thargoids since the project's inception.[2]
  • 3172 - As the Galactic Cooperative declines and destabilizes, Project Equinox is shut down, despite Dr. Cassandra Lockhart's warnings that the Thargoids are sowing the seeds for their future return.[2]
  • 04 MAY 3301 - Scientists Baffled by Mysterious Artefacts. Thanks to the efforts of dozens of Commanders taking part in a hunt across hundreds of systems, Dr. Arcannon and his team are delighted to announce that they have finally managed to retrieve an Unknown Artefact.[2]
  • 10 JUL 3301 - Breakthrough in Artefact Research? After meticulous and sometimes tedious investigation, scientists working under Dr Arcanonn have uncovered that the recently discovered "Unknown Artefacts" may have some basis in human technology.[2]
  • The Canonn Supports Palin's Effort. Professor Ishmael Palin has requested help in establishing a new research base on Maia B1BA in order to safely study the unknown artefacts.[2]
  • 27 SEP 3301 - Palin Invited to Join Research Group. Last week saw reports that Professor Ishmael Palin has been forced to cease his research into the so-called anomalous extraterrestrial objects, also known as 'unknown artefacts'. [2]
  • 3302 - Alien structures have been confirmed on at least two planets in the Pleiades Nebula. Commander Octo (Cmdr Octo86) made the initial discovery on Merope 5c;[2]
  • Starports damaged by Unknown Artefacts have been repaired with Meta-Alloys, 20 MAY 3302;[2]
  • 05 JAN 3303 - The Unknown Ship is an alien vessel, first encountered while traveling through Hyperspace and pulled into normal space. 8 sided alien ships rip CMDRs out of Witchspace (hyperspace high wake).[2]
  • 19 JAN 3303 - Sirius Corp. to Address Unknown-Artefact Issue. It is widely understood that Unknown Artefacts have the ability to extract materials from their immediate environment as part of a complex self-repair process. Unfortunately, this can have disastrous effects on starships and other forms of machinery.[2]
  • 24 JAN 3303 - The recent Sirius Corporation campaign to protect starports from Unknown Artefact-related interference is already bearing fruit. Using material donated by the galactic community, Sirius Corporation scientists have dramatically increased the efficiency of meta-alloy application, thereby restoring many of the starports affected by Unknown Artefact-related disruption.[2]
  • 07 APR 3303 - Alien Tsar Makes Statement. Admiral Aden Tanner, a seasoned military leader with over four decades of experience, has been appointed to the newly created role of Chief of Federal Security. "Having reviewed all available information, we can confirm these craft are active primarily within the Pleiades Nebula and the space in and around the Maia and Merope systems. The significance of these locations – if any – has not yet been determined. We can also confirm, despite rumours to the contrary, that carrying an Unknown Artefact does not attract the attention of these vessels."[2]
  • 20 MAY 3303 - Reports Surface of Mysterious Attacks. Reports have surfaced of mysterious attacks in the Maia system, where eyewitnesses claim to have found the remains of a number of Federal vessels. According to reports, the damage to the ships’ hulls was not consistent with any known form of weaponry. Furthermore, several observers claim to have seen the so-called unknown ships at the wreckage sites. Attempts to intercept the ships were unsuccessful.[2]

Appearance Edit

The common Thargoid warrior is a dark-chitin covered insect measuring just over 7 feet in height. They have six limbs, two of which are dedicated walking limbs (legs). The remaining four limbs have jointed hands each possessing three digits, one of which is an opposable thumb.[1]

The head is a triangular ovoid in shape, with prominent faceted eyes mounted to the front. In general, the overall impression is similar to that of a praying mantis. There are two short antennae that protrude from the top of the head. The mouth is on the underside of the front point of the triangular head, and is relatively small. It is surrounded to two strong mandibles. The neck is very short but thick and sturdy, and can rotate 60 degrees.[1]

The body of a Thargoid is segmented into two distinct sections. The upper segment is approximately egg-shaped with a slight distention at the upper end just below the junction to the neck and head; this is where the upper limbs join the body. The lower segment is a tapered oval that arcs slightly towards the rear and forms a rounded point. The junction of these two segments is a heavily muscled narrow waist which the Thargoid can twist to approximately 100 degrees.[1]

The lower four limbs are attached to the lower body segment. The lowest pair, or the traditional legs, are attached just above the point where the segment begins to bend rearwards. These legs have knee joints and ankle joint, and are terminated with clawed appendages. The ankles allow the Thargoid to use the lowest part of the limb as feet, providing stability and agility when standing erect. These legs are also double jointed at the knees. The middle pair of limbs are primarily used as manipulating limbs, but are also seen as propelling limbs when a Thargoid is running. These limbs are jointed at elbow and wrist, and end in clawed hands. There are four digits, including an opposable thumb, and these are clawed. The claws are short and horny. These legs are usually held folded against the front of the body.[1]

The upper limbs are dedicated manipulatory limbs. These are jointed at the elbows and wrists. The elbow is jointed to the rear, similar to human arms. The hands end in four clawed digits, one of which is an opposable thumb. These digits are more flexible and agile than the ones on the middle limbs.[1]

Thargoids can walk erect on the hind legs, but have been seen to drop to four legs when running, using the middle limbs in addition to the rear legs.[1]

Not much is known about the internal workings of Thargoid anatomy. Dissection of specimens have revealed the presence of several organs analogous to humans, as well as some that are common in insectoid species. Oresrian medical personnel have verified the presence of respiratory and circulatory organs as well as the digestive organs and system. They have also identified several glands such as excretory, pheromonal and communication glands (most insectoid communication is a hybrid of aural and pheromone methods). The fabled 'fear glands' thought to be removed from Thargoid warriors are thought to be located in the upper thorax, where scar tissue has been found. No notable reproductive organs have been found in specimens, leading scientists to theorise that there must be a separate phenotype of Thargoid that is responsible for the reproductive act.[1]

Society Edit

Not much information has been obtained about Thargoid society or culture. The only known fact is that the society is hive based, with no sense of close family. It is thought that the society is divided into colonies, possibly along the lines of ant colonies.[1]

Thargoids are thought to have a natural affinity with space, and with witch-space (hyperspace) in particular. This is due to the fact that Thargoid warriors seem to spend a large amount of time in space. Naval pilots and crews report that the warships in the war zones are encountered on repeated occasions over a period of months often without respite.[1]

Based on the study of some wrecked ships, Thargoids as a species seem to have a very spartan approach to furnishing and belongings. Crew quarters are practically devoid of possessions other than those necessary for military crewmen. All belongings are functional and necessary.[1]

Politics Edit

Nothing is known about internal Thargoid politics.[1]

Thargoid relations with other species is frighteningly simple: war. The three largest organisations in Galaxy 1 are all at war with the Thargoid species, and they are constantly under threat of planetary invasion.[1]

The Thargoid invasions usually seem to be prompted by the need for either agricultural or mineral resources, rather than a sociological or anthropological need to expand or colonise. In fact, the animal life on an invaded world is largely ignored unless it poses a threat to Thargoids.[1]

Technology Edit

Thargoid technology is vastly different and in many ways far superior to established GalCop technology. The warships have no visible form of propulsion, neither from vented emissions nor engine exhausts, yet they are maneuverable and agile.[1]

The Thargoids are also superior in the use of advanced AI and remote craft, an area in which GalCop is sadly behind.[1]

Other fields of technology that the Thargoids are in advance of GalCop, include metallurgy, biogenetics, physics and weapons tech. Their hyperdrives and shield technologies are also superior.[1]

Videos Edit

References Edit

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