The Great Computers also known as the Synthetic Intelligence Computer System (SICS). These were Computers that ran and governed the cities in post-apocalyptic America in the mid 2700s CE according to Al Bielek fitting into his Philadelphia Experiment Universe. According to vivid and Lucid dreams that Mr. Bielek had he claims that they were built by a secret group of highly powerful humans known as the Wing Makers, which were Analogous to the Builderburg Group in real life also known as the Illuminati or "Illuminated Ones".


Most Likely the construction of the Great Computers where financed by the worlds remaining billionaires as well as the Elite those that were decendents of Politicans or Celebrity millionares from mid 20th century America.  Its unclear where they were built or who specifically built them. It is clear that the American Government or what remained of it after World War 3 in the 2070s and also the great flooding in the 2080s and 2090s after the icecaps melted had a hand at building them. Its also possible that they were top secret at the time of construction having been built at Los Alamos Labs or even Area 51. Although they were top secret when they were new in the early 22nd century there existence was no longer a secret 600 years later by the 28th century. These Computers had Achieved sentience by the mid 28th century. These computers were also made from Silicon and were thus considered a created Silicon-Based life form. Its unclear if the Great Computers ran or governed every city on Planet Earth, but it is clear that they did Govern the Floating and flying cities. 

Also Al Bielek has said that these Great Computers were radioactive and that you had to put on a lead lined radiation suit in order to safely get near them. He also said that they floated in the room and were not connected to the room by wires or anything and that they could communicate with the visitors to it telepathically, he also said that only a small select few such as Wing Makers and Wing Maker-like people such as David Cameroon whom Al Bielek was viewing in the dreams, were permitted to be aloued to ever visit the Great Computers such as the fictional character David Cameroon was in Al Bielek's Philidelphia Experiment Universe due to how David Cameroon had worked on the Philidelphia Experiment during the defense department's Project Rainbow, so the Great Computers reconized them as just members of the Wing Makers anyways casue they were all government experimental science researchers. 


  • The Great Computers share parallels with the Chmmr from the video game Project 6014. Both races are Silicon based life forms, and both races were keeping secrets about deep space exploration. The Great Computers would not reveal to Al Bielek what the state of Space Exploration was like in the 28th century just like the Chmmr would not reveal the true purpose of the Chmmr Flagships mission. The Chmmr told Captain Zelnick/The game player that there mission is to find the Shofixti lost scout patrols but the real reason was to learn about the lost Precursor Cites and Artifacts located in the Beta Messier, Delta Apollonius, Gamma Janus as well as the second Precursor Flagship found at Beta Naos. This is similar to how the Great Computers would not reveal to Al if humans were living on Mars or other worlds in the 28th century when they were asked about it. But the computers would only say that Orbital Satellites existed and nothing else. It is known that in the 1950s when Al Bielek had his prophetic dreams of the 28th century and the Great Computers that only Orbital space probes and Orbital Satellites where known to exist at the time. 
  • Also the Secret keeping nature of the Great Computers share a parallel with the Computers found in the Wall-E movie of the Pixar Universe. in that it was also the 28th century and that it was also that the Wall-E computers would not declassify the current state of the Earth and its actual level of destruction in order to remain in power and not have to land the human survivors back on the Earth and have to be shut down. Although the Computers from Wall-E were not Silicon based though they used electronics instead.

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