Great One
The Great One
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Energy
Status Deceased
Sapience Level Unknown

The Great One was a giant, tick-like alien that traveled from world to world, sucking the energy from the planets it landed on to feed itself. This process poisoned and eventually made the worlds it visited implode, although how this process works is not well understood. Its shell is nearly impenetrable and its feeding process brings the ground to life as an extra defense, making it very difficult to attack. On top of that, it is followed by a group of worshipers that want to make sure that it completes its task. The Great One was destroyed from the inside by Ben as Cannonbolt. The Great One is responsible for the complete destruction of Cannonbolt's home planet about a week before it tried to destroy Earth, a somewhat ironic accomplishment considering its death at the hands of a member of the same species (albeit a spliced version).