The worshippers are three aliens that accompanied the Great One. In fact, their respective planets were all destroyed by the Great One, and they decided to follow the doctrine "If you can't beat it, join it". The first is a tall alien, who has a laser/hologram projector on his head and six tentacle legs. The second is a medium-sized alien with four eyes and a large battle axe, which can also fires lasers when swung. The third is a short six-armed alien with a laser on his forehead. The latter of the three can communicate with the Great One through direct contact, though its interpretation of the Great One's will is ambiguous at best. All three ride on hovering platforms and protect the Great One while it performs its task. After its destruction, they show their flimsy loyalty by worshiping Cannonbolt, who had destroyed the Great One not minutes before. They decide to depart when Cannonbolt reverts to Ben, considering a mere human unworthy of their devotion.

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