The Guntai is a Affiliation in the Star Control Universe. This Affiliation is part of the Shofixti race. This is a Similar kind of group as Star Command for the Earthlings and Syreen Space Patrol for the Syreen.

History Edit

Not much is known about the early Guntai or the formers before the current Guntai that existed during the captains second voyages of (2165 to 2169). Basically it was politically structured similar to Samurai Code also known as Bushido and Bushido code. Which was a thing that the Japanese people of planet Earth had once been like in the period from about (1200 to 1945).

Government Edit

There government was based everywhere in the Delta Gorno System, talking to anyone of the fleet groups would be where the Guntai were at the time. Although other Shofixti fleet groups would be in there other 4 systems they were not the core Guntai which were known as the Sendai on Planet Earth.

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