Incarnations of the master

The Master is a renegade Time Lord and a long time enemy of The Doctor.  Like the Doctor, he can change his body after he dies by using a process called regeneration.  

Roger DelgadoEdit

The first incarnation of the Master that appeared was played by actor Roger Delgado.  However, this incarnation was

Roger Delgado as The Master (1971-1973)

really the thirteenth and final incarnation of the Master, using up all twelve regenerations. 

In the Master's first appearance in the TV serial "Terror of the Autons", he assists the Auton in their latest bid to conquer Earth.  The Doctor took the Master's dematerialisation circuit from his TARDIS so the Master could not escape Earth.  The Master would later reappear in "The Mind of Evil" serial, posing as a scientist who invented the "Keller Machine",  which was in reality, a living alien.  

Roger Delgado reprised his role as the Master in many more appearances but he died in a car accident and the Master did not appear again until "The Deadly Assassin" episode. 

A dying Master, in his thirteenth incarnation.

Peter PrattEdit

In the Deadly Assassin episode,  The Master reappears played by Peter Pratt.  This version of the Master had used all of his regenerations and was a dying, emaciated creature in a tattered black cloak. 

In his reappearance, the Master makes an alliance with the evil Time Lord, Goth, in an attempt to assassinate the Time Lord President and make Goth the new leader.  However, the Master was just using Goth as his slave so that he could have all of the power.  The Master had control of the Matrix and Goth battled the Doctor inside, but when Goth was losing, the Master killed him by sending an energy spike through his brain and damaging his regeneration cycle.  The Doctor defeated the Master in physical combat and the Master seemed to fall into a crevice caused by an earthquake, in truth the Master had survived and escaped in his TARDIS which had taken the form of a grandfather clock.  

Geoffrey BeeversEdit

The Master reappeared in his decaying form but Peter Pratt did not reprise his role, this time he was played by

Geoffrey Beevers as the Master

Geoffrey Beevers. 

In the episode, "The Keeper of Traken", The Master's TARDIS took the form of a statue called the Melkur.  He landed on the planet Traken, home of the Traken Union and plotted to use The Source, which powered the Traken Union, to restore his regenerative cycle.  The Master tricked Kassia, who later married the consul Tremas and became stepmother to Nyssa, into helping him capture The Source.  The Master gained some of the powers from The Keeper of Traken, but his plans were foiled by the Doctor and Adric. 

The Master, with some of the Keeper's powers still lingering, used them to possess the body of Tremas and create a new incarnation for himself. 

Anthony AinleyEdit

For the remainder of the classic Doctor Who series, the Master was portrayed by Anthony Ainley, who had played Tremas in The Keeper of Traken. This version of the Master was last seen in "Survival" where he appeared to be trapped on the dying planet of the Cheetah People.

Eric RobertsEdit

In Doctor Who: The Movie, the Master was put on trial by the Daleks for his crimes - as part of a treaty between them and the Time Lords - after been captured in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt (his TARDIS been left behind in a tomb). When his sentence of 'Guilty' was passed and he was asked if he wished for any last request, he made an unusual request; thet the Doctor take his remains back to Gallifrey. Seeing no issue, the Time Lords agreed and the Master was executed by the Daleks.

However, the Master's essence still lived due to a symbiotic creature known as a Deathworm Morphant, which proceeded to take control of the Doctor's TARDIS and cause it to land in San Francisco on December 30th 1999. As the Doctor was wounded by gunfire from a gang war after exiting his TARDIS, the Master escaped through the TARDIS keyhole and later took over the body of a man called Bruce (a paramedic). In this new form, the Master knew it wouldn't last long and so he would need to absorb the Doctor's remaining lives - killing Bruce's wife as his first act in his new form.

The Master befriended Chang Lee, a young gang member who had been present when the Doctor was shot, and who had stolen the TARDIS key. With Lee's help, he entered the Doctor's TARDIS and regaled Lee with stories of the Doctor's supposed villainy (claiming, among other things, the Doctor had stolen the Master's regenerations). As part of his plan to take the Doctor's lives, he intended to open the Eye of Harmony, destroying the Earth in the process. With Lee's further help, he was able to open the Eye. He discovered that the Doctor had regenerated into a new form, and that the Doctor was half-human (later revealed by the Doctor to have been a lie to trick the Master). This answered a few of the Master's longstanding questions about his foe.

The Master tracked the Eighth Doctor down, pretending to be Bruce, and agreed to take the Doctor and Dr Grace Holloway to Professor Wagg's atomic clock at the Institute for Technological Advancement and Research, to which Grace was a member of the board of trustees, and repair the timing malfunction the Master caused with the clock's beryllium chip. The Doctor escaped, but before he could do so, the Master secretly possessed Grace's mind. When the Doctor got back to the TARDIS to fix the timing malfunction, the Master had Grace knock the Doctor out and put him in restraints. He killed Lee by snapping his neck when Lee realised the truth about the Master after the Master accidentally revealed that he had wasted all of his lives in fighting the Doctor, rather than the Doctor having stolen them. The Master then forcibly opened the Eye using Grace's retina (freeing her from possession and returning her human eyes) so that he could steal the Doctor's lives. Although the Master was able to initiate the transfer process that would give him access to the Doctor's remaining lives, Grace was able to prevent this by rerouting the TARDIS' power and sending the ship into a temporal orbit. Grace released the Doctor from his restraints, but the Master threw Grace off of a balcony inside the Cloister Room, killing her. With the Master's body dying as the Doctor's regenerations were returned to him, the two Time Lords fought near the Eye of Harmony, culminating in the Master falling into it when he leapt at the Doctor and misjudged the angle. After the TARDIS brought Lee and Grace back to life, Lee asked what had happened to the Master. He heard a strange rumbling sound coming from the TARDIS and the Doctor responded, "Indigestion."

Derek JacobiEdit

The first actor who plays the Master in the new series, Derek Jacobi plays Professor Yana, who apears to be a normal Human, later revealed to be a Time Lord,hiding out with the fob watch, like what the Doctor used himself once. After opening his watch, his true alien identity was revived, murderng his assitant Chantho, who shot him before dying. Entering the Doctor's TARDIS, he muses over his death being caused by Chantho and welcoming his next regeneration.

John SimmEdit

Also known as Harold Saxon, this incarnation is played by John Simm. Born in the Doctor's TARDIS, the new Master took off in the TARDIS and later took on the identity of Harold Saxon and becoming the British Prime Minister, and allying with the Toclafane,whom were once Humans looking for the world Utopia, going mad over time and evolving into the Toclafane. The "Saxon" Master also had a laser screwdriver that he used to rapidly age the Doctor. After his wife Lucy,shot him, the "Saxon" Master refused to regenerate, knowing the Doctor would be haunted. Revived by a cult dedicated to him, he became a electric, undead monster who turned the entire human race into his own clone race, useing them to triangulate the drumbeat in his head to bring back Gallifrey and the Time Lords lead by Rassilon (Timothy Dalton), who reveals that he put the drumbeat in the Master's head to escape the Time War's last day. The Master then joins the Doctor to defeat Rassilon, shooting Rassilon with lightning.

Michelle Gomez Edit

Now known as "Missy" (a shortening of "mistress"), Michelle Gomez first appears as a mysterious character welcoming several recently deceased characters to "heaven". She has placed all of the deceased into a simulation as they are made into cybermen, which she then offers to the Doctor as a personal army. She is killed by John Simm's incarnation after she decides to aid the Doctor in protecting a mondasian settlement from a cyberman attack.

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