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Maw Juvenile
The Maw
Universe The Maw Universe
Species Maw
Gender Male (Presumed)
Hair color None (May vary depending on currently-digesting DNA)
Eye color Black (May vary depending on currently-digesting DNA)
Homeworld Unknown
Affiliation Frank

The Maw is, as his name would indicate, a Maw. He is both indestructible and voracious, but Frank's natural Teltarian abilities allowed him to survive his face-to-face encounter with the Maw, and soon they began to gain a relationship. He became loyal to Frank, and if it weren't for his being a threat towards all life in the universe, he'd be the perfect pet.

As a Maw, The Maw can digest and absorb the characteristics of anything he consumes, presumably by extracting, replicating, and storing DNA in his amorphous body. Not only this, but his growth is unlimited so long as he continues to locate food, and he can survive in the vacancy of space. Because he is so enormously dangerous, the Galactic Council has ordered the Maw's destruction at any cost, due to his nature of possibly becoming bigger than a planet and consuming it entirely. Maw also appears to have awareness of other beings beyond the fourth wall, as he consumes the fourth wall after the end credits of the game. (Yes, the Maw and all species relating to the Maw come from a game titled, "The Maw")

Alternate Forms Edit

Gastro Form Edit

The Gastro Form is created by a Maw upon consuming a Gastro. His skin has begun to resemble molten lava, although he appears to not be heated, as he is unaffected by water, unlike the actual Gastros. His eye is fiery and he has armored plates made of calcified material covering the back of his body. His special ability is to breathe powerful gouts of flame that can cause high tech equipment to meltdown and malfunction or weaken and burn floral matter to mere cinders.

Bulbous Form Edit

The Bulbous Form is created by a Maw upon consuming a Bulbous Queen. His skin has begun to glow, likely indicating its electrical conductivity. The pincers of the Bulbous have been adapted into four extendable horns along the Maw's back, which are used to inject electricity into foes, while the wings were also taken from them and allowing them to fly. The Maw appears quite regal and proud in this form. His special ability is to inject electricity into opponents - particularly the "amorphous worms" in order to use them as makeshift bombs.

Puff-Tor Form Edit

The Puff-Tor Form is created by the Maw upon consuming a Puff-Tor. Due to the physiology of a Puff-Tor, this form is impossible for the Maw to take without outside intervention, such as knocking the worm-like organism out on a rock. The Maw's body becomes both segmented and pleated during the process of transformation, to allow it to inflate as if it possessed a gas bladder. The rudder-wings are also obtained, allowing the Maw to steer itself around while inflated in exactly the same way as the Puff-Tors themselves. Oddly, it's mouth take on a rock-like appearance, and while this hints at the Puff-Tor's semi-subterranean lifestyle, the actual reasoning behind this change is unknown. One unique change between the originator species and the Maw is that while a Puff-Tor will simply dive into the ground, the Maw will smash into it with incredible force.

Loofer Form Edit

The Loofer Form is the second-strongest form of the Maw, and, like the Beetull form, is immune to all attacks. He has attained a tuft of feathers along his head and around his neck, while the bottom of his foot has become discolored for undisclosed reason. However, the most unique attainment of this form is that the Maw grows a multitude of eyes - 10, to be specific. These eyes, like their originator's, can fire lasers, although neither Frank nor the Maw come across a Loofer that uses this technique. The Loofer Form is the only form where Frank rides on the Maw instead of leading him around by his collar.

Beetull Form Edit

The Beetull Form is the ultimate (known) form of the Maw. He grows the armored carapace of a Beetull, and his skin becomes segmented while his pupil becomes a compound structure, similar to an insect's eye. While incredibly slow, his special ability is to stampede, dragging Frank behind it. Oddly, the carapace covering its body is not attached to the rest of the body, and can be removed.

Creatures that cause odd effects:

The prey of Puff-Tors, small, translucent, worm-like creatures, are disgusting to The Maw, as he will spit it out as soon as he is fed one. The Yums ( common prey for The Maw ) Have a king who hordes gold in a secluded part of the planet for unknown reasons. If The Maw is to consume this particular Yum, then it will have an incredibly extreme boost in growth, to the point that without some form of leashing, The Maw will NEVER stop growing.

Various Forms Edit