The Monolith

The Monolith is an ancient alien artifact that - through unknown means - appeared on Earth (although its central component, later known as Luna-1, was found on the Moon in the late 60's). It was believed that the fragments of the Monolith contained a link to developing Psi-abilities in humans. Furthermore, it was believed that if the Monolith fragments were reassembled in the proper configuration, they would be able to grant a person God-like psychic power.


History of the MonolithEdit

From what is learned about the Monolith, the artifact is 'older than [humanity] can imagine' and is divided into several fragments. These include Luna-1, the central core piece, as well as several rings with unknown symbols on them. It's not known how the artifact came to be in several pieces.

The Monolith - Image

The Monolith.

The United States, Germany and the Soviet Union learned of the Monolith fragments and their connection to psychic powers - with the first piece been found in the Himalayas in an ancient temple. Germany had managed to find and stockpile a large number of the Monolith pieces - for which the two World Wars were fought for ownership of the fragments because of their link to psychic abilities. During World War II, America and Russia were successful in recovering the fragments that Germany had gathered. During the Cold War that followed, both America and Russia built their own Psi-programs around the Monolith fragments - which focused on the study and development of Psi abilities. In America, their Psi-program later became known as 'Mindgate'.

The 1969 Space Shuttle Launch

The 1969 Space Shuttle Launch.

As the Cold War continued, both the United States and Soviet Union detected the presence of another piece of the Monolith on the Moon. Both sides raced to get to it first, with the United States managing to beat the Soviets and claim the fragment - which later became known as Luna-1 and was discovered to be the central piece of the Monolith. Luna-1 was later stored away at Mindgate's Headquarters.

The MovementEdit

At Mindgate, the running of the program fell to General William Kreiger - a man with no Psi-powers but with
The General

General William Kreiger - 'The General'

an incredible military record. However, his lust for power eventually led to him been dismissed and facing a military tribunal - forcing him to flee from Mindgate and the US Military before going into hiding along with fellow Mindgate operatives Edgar Barrett, Nicolas Wrightson and Tonya Blake.

Some years later, Kreiger learned of the Monolith fragments and the potential power it had. Coming out of hiding, the General and his allies put together a terrorist organization known as the 'Movement' - recruiting other Psi Elite agents from around the world with the promise that once the Monolith fragments had been pieced together, Kreiger would share the artifact's
Soldiers captured by the Movement

Soldiers captured by the Movement.

power with the Psi agents to give them God-like power and allow them to rule Earth. To assist in their operations, Jov Leonov - one of the Psi Elite agents - put together the 'Meat Puppet Program' to brainwash people and turn them into loyal servants to fight for the Movement's goals. Unbeknown to the Psi-Agents, Kreiger (now referring to himself simply as 'The General') wanted the Monolith's power all for himself.

The Movement soon began revealed itself, launching crippling attacks against Mindgate and other facilities. In order to stop them, Mindgate decided to sent in two operatives. The first, Sara Blake (Tonya's twin sister, who also had the power of telepathy), began to work inside the Movement as a double agent. The second - Nick Scryer (who had a variety of psi powers) - was given a facial reconstruction and a memory wipe to allow
Jov Leonov, with his personal 'Meat Puppet'.

Jov Leonov, with his personal 'Meat Puppet'.

himself to be captured by the Movement and avoid their psi-probes. The plan worked as, during a Movement attack on an oil refinery in the Middle East, Nick was captured along with a squad of soldiers. Taken to a hidden base located in an old military silo, Nick was sent to solitary after attacking and killing a meat puppet soldier. However, Sara later broke him out and - despite his distrust - gave him a shot to help him recover his memories and psi powers.

Nick narrowly survives the explosion that kills Jov Leonov.

Nick narrowly survives the explosion that kills Jov Leonov.

With instructions from Sara, Nick was able to set three bombs to destroy the base. However, he was soon confronted by Jov Leonov. Leonov - a blind Mongolian man who worked as a spy for the Soviet Union - displayed his mastery of Mind Control as he sent several waves of his 'meat puppets' against Nick. However, he was forced to enter combat against Nick. Taking control of Nick's mind, Leonov tried to get Nick to kill himself by shooting himself in the head, but was killed as one of the bombs Nick had set exploded - killing him. Thanks to Sara, Nick narrowly escaped the base's destruction - although the General had already fled as the base collapsed.

Betrayal on the Black SeaEdit

As Sara and Nick arrived at a Movement Base on the Black Sea, Nick watched as Sara headed into the
The crate containing Luna-1

The crate containing Luna-1.

base. Continuing to watch from his hiding place, Nick noticed two meat puppets getting off a jet that had just landed - carrying a crate between them with the words 'MINDGATE' and 'LUNA-1' stenciled on it, before Barrett ordered the two men to take the crate to the labs. Sneaking inside the complex, Nick met up with Sara and revealed what he had seen, with her giving him a card so he could contact Mindgate Headquarters once he reached the base's Communication Room. However, upon trying to contact HQ, he found that Mindgate's Headquarters had been either been badly damaged or completely wiped out by Barrett - with a message from HQ stating that all Mindgate agents should expect no further assistance and abandon their current assignments - with retrieving Luna-1 now been a top priority.

Nick with Luna-1

Nick with Luna-1.

Managing to get into Barrett's office, Nick and Sara met up again as she broke into a vault in the office and was able to recover the Luna-1 artifact - pointing out that while she didn't know what it was, it was obviously something greatly important to the Movement's goals. Sara then reveals to Nick about her sister Tonya, who went with the General when he fled Mindgate years ago. Telling Nick where to find the General and Barrett, Sara then leaves to try and find out what they were doing with Luna-1 (although she leaves the artifact with Nick). After working his way through the docks, Nick overhears Barrett and the General talking about Luna-1 been missing as well as the belief that Nick was responsible (with Nick overhearing that he and Barrett were partners at Mindgate). Stating he is leaving to oversee the fusion in Hong Kong, the General threatens Barrett to retrieve Luna-1 or "[Barrett's] bloated corpse will find its way to the trash heap".

Heading into the factory, Nick again met up with Sara - who convinced him to let her look after Luna-1 in
Nick and Barrett confront each other.

Nick and Barrett confront each other.

case Barrett captured Nick. Unbeknown to Nick, the woman was actually Tonya. Fighting through the factory, Nick soon came face-to-face with Barrett - who offered Nick a choice of joining the Movement. In a shock for Nick, he saw Tonya (who he thought was Sara) returning Luna-1 to Barrett. Following this, Nick and Barrett began to fight one another - both using their telekinetic ability. The battle soon progressed outside, with Barrett showing off his elite mastery of Telekinesis by picking up the various crates and train cars before throwing them with ease. Nick continued to battle on until Barrett seemingly got bored. Declaring he had business elsewhere, Barrett stated to Nick that the offer for him to join the Movement was still open. Briefly knocking Nick unconscious, Barrett then left the base and headed off, with Nick waking up and - after taking off in the helicopter he and Sara came in - headed off to Hong Kong.

Reassembling the MonolithEdit

Arriving in Hong Kong, Nick was contacted over the helicopter radio by an unknown woman - who directing
The hidden Movement base in Hong Kong.

The hidden Movement base in Hong Kong.

him to a set of towers hidden by an Illusion barrier. Passing through it and landing on a Helicopter pad between the buildings, Nick then headed towards the North tower. Inside, he met the mysterious woman - who introduced herself as Kimiko Jones; a scientist whose Grandfather was one of the founding fathers of Mindgate and who herself is a unwilling member of the Movement, been kept like a prisoner. Informing Nick of the General's plans unlock the secrets of the Monolith, she gives him an earpiece to help keep in contact with him. At the same time, she also warns him to watch out for Wei Lu - one of the General's Psi Elite agents and whose power of Illusion is strong enough to distort reality, with it been her power that keeps the base hidden. Nick, however, briefly states that she already introduced herself, due to receiving a telepathic warning on the landing pad.

Infiltrating the Data Vault, Nick and Kimiko learn about the history of the Monolith as well as that the General
Wei Lu's monster form.

Wei Lu in her Monster form.

is planning to reconnect Luna-1 and the other fragments together using a fusion process. Descending further into the facility, Nick is forced to work his way through an Illusion Maze - created by Wei Lu - which culminates in him having to face a part of his past he doesn't remember. Overcoming the challenge, Nick eventually finds Wei Lu. First destroying a set of stone warriors that she brings to life, Nick then watches as Wei Lu transforms herself into a plant-like beast. After a long fight, Nick finally defeats Wei Lu and fatally wounds her - causing the Illusion barrier around the complex to disappear. Warning Nick that the General is now moving forward with his plan as U.N troops will soon discover the base, Kimiko instructs Nick to head back up and across the sky-bridge into the South Tower - where the Fusion machine is located.

Nick is attacked by Marlena and the Meat Puppets.

Nick is attacked by Marlena and the Meat Puppets.

Following Kimiko's instructions, Nick headed across the sky-bridge into the South tower - fighting against all who stood in his way. While searching through the building, he unexpectedly came face-to-face with Sara. Due to mistaking her for her sister Tonya, Nick was hostile towards Sara - asking her angrily whose side she was on. Not understanding what had brought on Nick's anger and distrust towards her, Sara left him a key-card for the armory on that floor - before wishing him luck and leaving. Continuing through the tower, Nick watched as the General conversed with an unknown redhead woman. Kimiko identified her as Marlena Kessler - a German woman who was part of the Soviet-run Psi program in East Germany and who had fled to the west when the Berlin wall came down. One of the Psi Elite, Marlena's power was Pyrokinesis. However, Kimiko
The Monolith is reassembled.

The Monolith is reassembled.

warned Nick especially that something more dangerous was Marlena's temper.

As Nick watched the conversation, he was spotted by one of two Meat Puppets who were with the General and Marlena. Nick was soon forced to deal with the two Meat Puppets - who Marlena had set on fire - as she and the General escaped. Pursuing the pair to the next level up, Nick arrived too late and could only watch as Marlena used her Pyrokinetic power - in conjunction with the Fusion machine - to reassemble the Monolith fragments.
The General escapes with the Monolith.

The General escapes with the Monolith.

As Nick tried to stop the General from taking the recreated Monolith, he was suddenly forced back by a wall of flame. Despite her ignored warnings to the General about the process been unstable, Marlena's prediction had come true as the Fusion reactor began to overload, due to been activated too early. Ignoring her again due to now having the Monolith, the General ordered her to deal with Nick and 'finish her job'. The General then took the reassembled artifact and left - leaving Nick to battle with Marlena.

Using his telekinesis, Nick managed to destroy the Fusion laser Marlena was using to attack him. Battling with Marlena one-on-one as she attacked him in a rage, Nick continued to hit her with the coolant cylinders - causing her issues as she struggled to reignite her fire. Eventually, her struggle overwhelmed her as her natural fire immunity failed - resulting in her burning to death. Following this, Kimiko tells Nick to escape as the
Nick flees as the Fusion reactor explodes.

Nick flees as the Fusion reactor explodes.

reactor is going into a massive meltdown - while she had headed for the reactor control room with the hope she could restrict the destruction to a few city blocks instead of all of Hong Kong been destroyed. Although Nick stated she wouldn't survive, Kimiko countered with the fact that if she didn't try to lessen the damage, millions would die - telling Nick to follow the General to his base in the Himalayas and "not to let her death be in vain". Heading to the landing pad, Nick tried but failed to stop the General from fleeing in his jet - before taking off in his helicopter seconds before the pad collapsed. Moments after getting clear, the buildings exploded, with Nick continuing his pursuit.

Temple of MonstersEdit

Nick soon manages to find the Movement's base in the Himalaya's, set up in an old temple in the
Nick and Wrightson

Nick talks to Wrightson - who is possessing the body of a deceased Meat Puppet.

mountainside. Not long after landing, Nick was attacked by an Meat Puppet, who he promptly killed. However, a 'strange force' entered the body of the MP - animating it. The MP then spoke to Nick, with Nick recognizing the voice as been that of Nicolas Wrightson; a former Mindgate agent and Master spy who took the psychic power of Remote Viewing further then ever before (been able to take over other bodies, regardless of if they were alive or dead). Questioned by Nick about the General, Wrightson stated he had 'gone to find glory in the depths of the mountain' - as well as stating that Sara was been held captive and wouldn't be alive for much longer - before Wrightson left the MP's body.

Heading into the temple - recovering his Aura Viewing power in the process - Nick unexpectedly comes face-to face with the Aura Beasts: extra-dimensional monsters that Wrightson had managed to bring under his control and use like guard dogs. Finding Sarah, Nick watched as she was attacked by one of the beasts
Wrightson possesses Nick.

Wrightson takes over Nick.

before he shot it. As he tried to re-open the prison door after it had shut behind him, Wrightson managed to take over Nick's body. However, Nick managed to force him out - learning from Sara that the general knew all the time that she was working for both sides. Faced with little choice, Nick agreed to work together with Sara. Exploring further, the pair discovered they needed to get to the top of a tower within the temple - but the stairwell in the tower was filled with the Aura Beasts and was therefore impassable. However, Sara points out a weakness - the creatures are attracted to human's brain waves but repulsed by psi-energy. Giving Nick a device that amplifies a person's psi-energy, she tells him to head to the Satellite relay station nearby and aim the dish at the tower. The hope was that when Nick directed his psi-energy at the tower, the Aura Beasts would scatter.

Finding a secret way through the temple, Nick again encountered Wrightson - who had taken over another
The tower is hit by Nick's Psi Energy.

The tower is hit by Nick's Psi Energy.

MP's body and explained how a piece of the Monolith was worshiped by the ancient monks. Complaining how his once great importance in the Movement has been reduced to acting as the General's guard dog, as well as giving a monologue about how great his powers are (revealing he has entered Remote Viewing permanently), Wrightson states how he plans to steal the Monolith's power from the General and needs Nick for it - before leaving the MP's body. Despite the unclear meaning, Nick reaches the relay station - battling through the various MP soldiers - and uses the psychotronic device to amplify his psi energy waves. As hoped, the Aura Beasts scatter - allowing Nick and Sara to get to the top of the tower inside the temple.

Upstairs, Nick was told by Sara to watch out as there were more of the creatures. Fighting through them as well as more Meat Puppets, Nick met up with Sara in the Data vault - only for both of them to be taken by
Tonya and Sara

Tonya and Sara (under Wrightson's possession).

surprise as Tonya revealed herself - taunting about how she had tricked Nick into giving her Luna-1 and how the General had used (unbeknown to Sara) used her to keep tabs on Mindgate. Sara questioned about how Tonya could abandon her for the General following the death of their parents, which resulted in them been taken in by Mindgate. Tonya states it only because of their parent's death that Mindgate took them in, revealing to Sara's horror that Tonya killed their parents to 'ensure their future', as their parents would never let them utilise their full psychic potential. As Nick is injured by a shot from Tonya, Wrightson takes over Sara - gloating as he and Tonya leave the Data vault that Nick will have to follow him if he wants to save Sara.

Nick soon followed and found Wrightson - having re-entered his original body, which was withered and attached to a life support system to keep it alive. Wrightson stated that the General intended to unlock the
Wrightson's withered human body

Wrightson's withered human body.

Monolith's secrets, before stating only he deserved the power of a God. With his grip on his own sanity now slim at best, Wrightson revealed what he meant when he earlier stated he needed Nick - as he intended to 'rip out Nick's soul and use his body to take the Monolith for himself'. Declaring him insane, Nick began to battle Wrightson. The battle was tough, with Wrightson using the machine his life support was connected to to fire energy beams at Nick from several monitors - as well as summoning several Aura beasts to attack Nick. Nick persevered, however, and managed to defeat the Aura beasts sent against him and destroy the monitors - breaking Wrightson's control over the Aura Beasts in the process.

With the Aura Beasts now free, they attacked Wrightson - much to his horror - before Wrightson and the
Wrightson and the Aura Beasts are pulled into the Ether.

Wrightson and the Aura Beasts are pulled into the Ether.

remaining Aura beasts were pulled into the Ether from which the creatures had come from, presumably killing Wrightson in the process. Finding Sara, the two again went their separate ways as Sara headed off to deal with Tonya while Nick continued his pursuit of the General. Working his way through the tunnels - battling the final Meat Puppets and avoiding hidden mines that he could only see with his Aura View, Nick descended into a more alien-looking facility.

Soon enough, he came face to face with Barrett, who gloated how soon he and the General would unlock the Monolith's power. Nick verbally attacked Barrett, stating how the two men had been partners and fought
Nick and Barrett argue as their powers clash.

Nick and Barrett argue as their powers clash.

for a free world - although Barrett states the 'free world' they fought for was never meant for those with Psychic powers, adding that he and the other Psi agents were simply been used and then discarded when they became a problem. Nick, however, argues back as he recovers more of his memories - including fighting the General's plans at Mindgate as well as fighting Barrett and his desire to rule the Psi Elite, declaring "Mundane humans may have used us, but that doesn't give us the right to destroy them".

Having heard enough, Barrett steps back onto an elevator - stating "The General and I are going to acquire Ultimate power - No one can stop us! Soon, all the world will worship us as Gods!"

The Final ShowdownEdit

Barrett uses a TK Amplifier to change the Moon's orbit.

Barrett uses his Telekinesis - along with a TK Amplifier - to change the Moon's orbit.

Following Barrett up the elevator to the alien-looking assimilation device, Nick is greeted by both Barrett and the General, who states that his goal has been reached thanks to Nick's interference. The General adds that due to Nick killing each of the General's other Psi-Elite agents, it has made it easy for him and Barrett to have all the Monolith's power for themselves. Nick is then surprised from behind as Tonya appears behind him - her gun aimed at him and hoping to use his confusion to kill him. However, she is shot in the head from behind by Sara - falling down a chasm to her death while Sara coldly states "Mum always did like me best, bitch".

Barrett then attacks Nick and Sara with a telekinetic shockwave, knocking Nick off his feet and knocking Sara
The General begins the Assimilation process.

The General begins the Assimilation process.

unconscious before Barrett starts up his telekinesis amplifier. The General explains to Nick that after finding the Monolith fragment in the temple, they excavated the site while re-building the various devices required in their factory on the Black Sea - which took years to complete. The General also states that the Monolith was created to work within the unique gravitational signature of the Earth System. However, over the millennia, the Moon has shifted in it's orbit and weakened the Monolith's power. As such, Barrett uses the telekinesis amplifier to enhance his already great power - changing the Moon's orbit to restore the Monolith to it's full power. 

The General begins to acquire the Monolith's power.

The General begins to acquire the Monolith's power.

As Nick watches, Barrett stumbles forward - exhausted from moving the Moon's position. To Barrett's horror, the General states that "true power is not meant to be shared", before fatally shooting Barrett in the head before he can react - revealing (as Sara stated earlier) that he had simply used the Meat Puppets and Psi-Elite to accomplish his own goals and never intended to share the Monolith's power. Activating the alien-like machine and allowing the Monolith to float above him, the General began to acquire the power of the alien artifact.

Acting quickly in an attempt to stop the General, Nick used his pyrokinetic power to attack and destroy the machine's towers in an attempt to stop the assimilation. In the process, however, Nick absorbed some of the Monolith's
The General is sucked into a black hole.

The General is sucked into a black hole.

power himself - granting him the ability to hurl psi energy spheres of immense power. As the General burst free of the machine - possessing the immense psi power he had long dreamed of having - he attacked Nick with the intent of annihilating his enemy. Nick, however, used the energy spheres as well as his own powers to fight back - despite the obvious advantage the General possessed. As the fight reached its conclusion, however, the Monolith suddenly changed into a Black hole - with the General helplessly been pulled towards it. Trying in vain to escape, the General could only scream Nick's name as he was pulled into the black hole - which proceeded to collapse on itself.

As Nick helped Sara up from under the rubble she had been buried under, the pair headed over to the
Nick recover's Luna-1.

Nick recovers Luna-1.

battlefield before Nick retrieved Luna-1, with the rest of the pieces presumably destroyed when the Monolith imploded. As Sara questioned about the General's fate, Nick simply replied that now no-one would ever unlock the Monolith's power again. To their surprise, a trio of Helicopters arrived inside the facility - with Nick realizing they were enemies and running with Sara. On-board the Helicopters, their radio transmissions stated that Nick and Sara were expendable as retrieving Luna-1 was their top priority - with one of the helicopters getting ready to fire its gun. Turning around, Nick used his Telekinesis to attack the helicopter - causing it to seemingly lose control and crash.

(It is unbeknown what happened to Nick, Sara and Luna-1 as the game ended with a "To Be Continued" screen and no sequel was ever made due to Midway Games going bankrupt).


Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (Video Game - PS2, Xbox, PC)

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