The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad were a group of cyborgs - cybernetically-enhanced by the Prometheus Technology developed by Borgia Industries. They are formerly citizens of Neonopolis who have been kidnapped by Borgia Industries to be tested for compatibility with the conversion.

Those who are not compatible with the conversion process would be taken to MOTHER's chambers - where they would be used as hosts for MOTHER's Xenomorphs. The successful conversions would be made into one of the four types of Monster Squad cyborg, who would then be deployed to hunt Yautja that were drawn to Neonopolis by the combination of sweltering summer temperatures and gang warfare. To everyone else outside of the company, however, it is believed that the Monster Squad are a group of mercenaries who simply protect Borgia Industries.

The types of Monster Squad cyborg are as follows:

  • Alpha Unit: These Monster Squad units functioned as snipers, to attack Yautja from a distance.
  • Beta Unit: These Monster Squad units were hard-wired into Liquid Nitrogen Projectors, which would be used to slow down the attacking Yautja due to their preference for heat.
  • Gamma Unit: These Monster Squad units used a powerful weapon based on Predator Plasmacaster technology. The weapon would charge up before unleashing a powerful green beam of energy that would badly damage a Yautja warrior.
  • Delta Unit: These Monster Squad units were shock troopers and were hardwired into a powerful missile launching system - which would launch four missiles at a target all at once.


The Monster Squad take down a group of Yautja.

The Monster Squad take down a group of Yautja.

Following important advances due to reverse-engineering the Yautja technology that the predator known as Scarface had accidentally left in 1930, Borgia Industries - run by Isabella Borgia and her son Hunter - began to create cybernetically enhanced warriors who would be able to capture more Yautja who arrived in the city. Kidnapping citizens, Borgia Industries set about transforming the suitable captives into one of the four Monster Squad units. The Squads proved very effective at their task - easily defeating trios of young bloods who were drawn to the city by the combination of sweltering temperatures in summer and gang warfare. The dead/defeated predators were then taken to Borgia Industries to be experimented on while their weapons were taken to be studied. Three Yautja in particular that the Monster Squad defeated were Swift Knife, Long Spear and Stone Heart.

Scarface Surrounded.

Scarface Surrounded.

When Scarface returned in 2030 to regain his honor and right the error he made 100 years earlier, he caught the attention of Borgia industries by decimating the warring gangs, destroying the black-market trade of Prometheus technology and destroying a shipment of the technology at the old docks - killing anyone who attempted to stop him. After successfully destroying a depot full of Prometheus technology, Hunter - who had become aware of Scarface's presence due to his daughter Lucretia seeing Scarface on a CCTV camera - deployed a wave of the Monster Squad to battle him.

Scarface been taken to the labs.

Scarface been taken to the labs following his battle with the Monster Squad.

The squad spread out and attacked Scarface from all angles - forcing the extraterrestrial hunter to pick a Monster Squad unit to battle one-on-one while dodging fire from the others. Although a single squad member proved a challenge, Scarface's experience and fighting prowess allowed him to defeat each member of the wave. But Scarface was soon outnumbered as Hunter dispatched numerous waves against the veteran Yautja. For all his skill and determination, Scarface was outmatched and brought down - bloodied and defeated.

When Scarface escaped from Borgia's labs, he set out into the building to recover his equipment and free his fallen clan brothers - during which he encountered the captives who were not suitable for Monster Squad conversion and had instead been used as xenomorph hosts, as well as been forced to face a Monster Squad unit to retrieve some of his weapons - although he successfully defeated them. Finally, on his way to MOTHER's chambers and after deactivating a hologram of 1930's New Way City, he fought a final wave of the Monster Squad who were deployed to protect MOTHER. However, Scarface defeated the quartet - ending the threat for good.


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