The Nekross King is the leader of the Nekross race from the planet Nekron in the Korbol Galaxy. He along with his son Varg and daughter Lexi travelled the universe to search for their people's food source: Magic.

Since taking the Nekron throne (after killing his brother), the King has made it his priority to find Enchanted planets and drain the magic from them. Due to consuming so much magic, the King has become very overweight and can no longer move, so he has to resident in a special chamber on the flight deck of his ship, the Zarantulus and have magic piped directly into his chamber to feed.

He also owned a creature called the Skorpulus which he would feed enemies and Nekross who have failed him to. He is also failure intolerant as he nearly fed Varg to the Skorpulus for failing to capture a wizard named Jackson Hawke.

The King also progresses magic for the other Nekross back home on Nekron. To do this, he exudes a refined version of raw magic into goo and it is collected and sent back to Nekron.

It was later revealed by Nekron's temporary ruler Chancellor Kooth that the King kept most of the magic for himself and gave only scraps of it to his people, something Varg wasn't aware of.

He is also cannibalistic as he said to Varg and Lexi that he would eat the one who failed to capture their wizard enemy Tom Clarke. He also ate Kooth alive after she tried to overthrow him as ruler.

After returning to Nekron, the King retired and Varg became King Regent and married a female Nekross named Lady Lyzera who became Queen Regent.

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