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The Sphere

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The Sphere
The Sphere
Biography Information
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown
Sapience Sapient
Age Unknown
Abilities Able to communicate in many languages
Behind the Scenes
Universe Independence day Universe
Appearances Independence day Resurgence

The Sphere is the last of a unknown sapient mechanical alien species. It's species are said to have transcended biological bodies and become mechanical.

History Edit

The Spheres species fought The Harvester aliens for thousands of years after their planet was consumed by them. They gathered together many members of alien races who's planets had also been destroyed by the Harvesters. However the Spheres species were all but destroyed and the Sphere is the last of them.

War of 2016 Edit

In 2016 The Sphere arrived in the Sol system to try to warn the Humans that the Harvesters are returning to wipe them out however the humans mistook the Sphere for the harvesters themselves and shot it down. The humans then sent a team to collect the wreckage and they brought it back to area 51 just as the Harvesters were attacking Earth again. After the humans had got The Sphere out of the wreckage one of them accidentally activated it and it then revealed that it was an enemy of The Harvesters and had been fighting them for thousands of years along with many other alien species that had had their worlds destroyed by the Harvesters. However because the Sphere had been turned on The Queen Harvester detected it and personally came to get it. However the Humans came up with a plan to lure the queen by using a fake Sphere and kill here. This plan worked as her ship was blown up and she was eventually killed causing the Harvesters to retreat and ending the war of 2016. The Sphere then declared the Humans the head of the resistance against the harvester as they had now successfully defeated them twice.

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