The Strada Brac
The Strada Brac was a weapon created by the Vardians thousands of years ago. Also known as the 'Universal Annihilator' or simply as 'The Device', it was the object that Zin was looking for in Chicago on Earth - with the hope of using it to gain ultimate power inside the Migar System, after he felt that he never as respected on his home-world of Varda as he should be.


The LegendEdit

The Strada Brac was created in ancient times by the Vardians - the most aggressive and dangerous race in the Migar system. Realizing the potential danger such a weapon could cause, the Migar council (presumably comprised of Cirronians and other Migar species) decided to steal the device before the Vardians could use it. They seemingly succeeded and placed the device inside a drone-ship, before sending it to the edge of the galaxy - where the Strada Brac exploded harmlessly...or so they thought.

The truth was, however, that the Vardians were aware that the Migar council would want to stop them using such a device and had switched the Strada Brac with a replica - which the Migar council had then stolen. Taking the real Strada Brac as they realized the council would work out what had actually happened, the Vardians began searching for a planet they could hide the weapon until they were ready to use it. The planet they chose turned out to

The Vardian map from inside an Egyptian artifact.

be Earth - which was still (as Cole/Daggon described it) "a sleepy little rock" at the time - it wasn't very advanced and posed no threat. It's assumed the Vardians visited Earth during the Ancient Egyptian times as Nestov mentions Cleopatra and that he heard she was a 'hot chick' when Cole is recounting the story to both Nestov and Mel. The Vardians landed in what would later become Chicago - burying the device deep underground in a metal safe that was sealed with a key (a metal triangle with ancient Vardian symbols on it). The safe was also fitted with another feature so that when the Vardians came back to reclaim the weapon, the safe would shut permanently after the weapon was removed. To ensure they would find its location, the Vardians also made several maps - some of which were stored on Earth (such as one that was hidden in an Egyptian artifact) and others taken back to Varda.

Sure enough, the Migar council realized what had been done and - in a plan to stop the Vardians from later retrieving the weapon - the Cirronians traveled to Earth themselves and began a plan to create 'bloodlines'. The plan involved the Cirronians interbreeding with humanity to create Human/Cirronian hybrids, who would hopefully later become the protectors of the Strada Brac. The Cirronians would continue to visit Earth in the years that followed - seemingly been responsible for many different 'mysteries' such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the Easter Island statues and Stonehenge among others. Back in the Migar system, the story of the Strada Brac faded into myth as the years went on.

Mel with the 'Key'

Mel with the 'Key'.

Among the descendants of the bloodlines was Mel, who had inherited her dormant Cirronian powers from her Grandfather while both her Grandparents had been visited by Cirronians in the past. Mel's Grandmother - who unknowingly owned a police bar called the Watchfire over the location where the Strada Brac was buried - was given the 'Key' for the vault by the Cirronians who visited her (after they had seemingly found and stolen it from the Vardians, despite still not knowing the Strada Brac's location) as well as a translation of the keys symbols - which Mel's grandmother wrote down in her diary.

Searches for the Lost WeaponEdit

Although the story of the Strada Brac faded into myth, future generations of the Cirronians and Vardians
The crashed ship at Area 51

The crashed ship at Area 51.

learned of the Strada Brac and sought it out - some learning of its hiding place on Earth and journeyed there. One of the searches was a ship belonging to 'treasure hunters' - who had acquired one of the crystal maps that revealed the Strada Brac's underground location. However - according to official records on Cirron - the treasure hunter's ship disappeared. Unbeknown to them, the ship had crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico (Earth been in the year 1947) and was taken away by the military to Area 51 (the crash becoming known as the Roswell Incident). It's unbeknown what happened to the crew on-board the vessel, as well as to whether they survived the crash - as when Cole visited Area 51 while hunting Raahm, there was no sign of any alien bodies (although they could have been taken to another location).

Another who began the search for the Strada Brac was a Vardian known as Arkin. Like the treasure hunters before him, he had learned of the Strada Brac and its precise location on Earth in Chicago - later heading
Zin talks to Remel about Dr Milos.

Zin talks to Remel about Dr Milos Sandborn and Arkin.

there only a few Earth years after the treasure hunters had disappeared. However, luck would also not be on his side as Arkin crashed on Earth into Lake Michigan. Although Arkin survived the crash, he was also taken by the military to a facility known as the Breach (where Cole and the Nodulian fugitive Krace would later be held). Inside, Arkin was examined and questioned by an eccentric man called Dr. Milos Sandborn. Before Arkin died, Dr. Sandborn did manage to retrieve certain information from Arkin - although he either didn't receive all the information or didn't understand what Arkin was trying to say. A year after Arkin's death, Dr. Sandborn mysteriously disappeared. However, he had previously put some files relating to what he had found from Arkin in a hidden safe within the facility - but never shared any of his findings with the government. As such, they had no idea the files even existed. Arkin's attempt at retrieving the device became a story among the Vardians and possibly other Migar species.

A New Search BeginsEdit

Years later from Arkin's unsuccessful attempt to recover the Strada Brac, another Vardian would soon take up the search. That Vardian was Zin - a scientist who felt that he wasn't as respected as he should be, and
Jager and Hague

Jager and Hague - two Orsians from Zin's organization.

whose anger and hatred as such ate away at him. Following on the stories of the Universal Annihilator after learning about the treasure hunters and the story of Arkin, Zin began his own plans to travel to Earth and recover the device - hoping to use it to gain the respect he desired.

Beginning by setting up an organization on Earth with others from the Migar system who were loyal to him, Zin then used his knowledge to create a wormhole to a moon in the Migar system - where there was a prison called SAR TOP. Testing the wormhole, he allowed one prisoner - a male Vardian called Rhee - to escape and take over the life force of a human female. When Daggon - a Cirronian and SAR TOP Prison Guard/Tracker whose wife and daughter were killed by Rhee - came through the wormhole and took on the form of a human to blend in and hunt down the escaped fugitive, Zin used the wormhole (now assured that it was working) to allow 218 other prisoners to escape to Earth and take over the life forces of humans on a train into Chicago. After his two closest allies - the Desserian Yahir and his bodyguard Mederan entered the wormhole, Zin changed its location and entered himself - taking on the life-force of an unnamed man.

Zin kills Mel.

Zin kills Mel.

Following Cole and Mel as they pursued Rhee, Zin proceeded to seemingly help Mel escape when Cole and Rhee began their fight, but in fact held her hostage in his car. After Cole succeeded in defeating Rhee and taking her life force, he proceeded to return to the wormhole. However, he encountered Zin after feeling the life-forces of other escapees - learning that it was him who allowed Rhee to escape and also that 218 other prisoners have escaped to Earth. Zin threatened to kill Mel if Cole didn't leave, revealing his otherworldly origins to Mel during his conversation with Cole. Cole refused - with Zin using his own energy manipulation power to attack Cole before then using his power to kill Mel and dump her out the car before driving off - meeting up with the rest of the prisoners in their human forms at the Train Station, while Cole used his powers to bring Mel back to life.

Using the prisoners to help him in his task, Zin bought up some real estate in order to set up a base for
Krace shows Cole the artificial hypertime simulator.

Krace shows Cole the artificial hypertime simulator.

himself and the fugitives - trying to find the device (which few prisoners knew about) and also working on other 'projects' such as replicating Cirronian abilities (such as their hyper-time ability) and trying to find a way to 'transfer' life forces into other human hosts. At the same time, he and the fugitives continuously tried to deal with Cole/Daggon - whose resilience and resourcefulness was causing great issue. For the majority of the prisoners who clashed with him, they would end up losing and having their life-forces captured. Nonetheless, Zin continued with his plans after having learned of the exact location of the Strada Brac. Unfortunately, it was located beneath the Watchfire bar - which was where Cole had set up his own base of operations. 

Not wanting to confront Cole unless absolutely necessary, Zin began to try and find a way around by
Zin decides to go head on with Cole.

Zin decides to go head on with Cole to get the Strada Brac.

buying up real estate and even taking over the Chicago Mafia's building projects - despite the risk of angering them as compared to Cole, they were the lesser threat. Despite the attempts, however, Zin found that the metal safe surrounding the Strada Brac couldn't be broken through with what he and the prisoners had. Faced with no option, Zin decided the only way to retrieve the device was to go in the Watchfire. However, he had a plan in place to deal with Cole.

Final ConfrontationEdit

Nestov betrays Cole.

Nestov betrays Cole.

Confronting the Desserian fugitive Nestov about his affiliation with Cole, Zin threatened to kill him unless he didn't help him stop Cole. Having recently made a weapon that neutralized Cirronian negative energies (which would make Cole more or less human if hit by it, with all his powers gone), Zin told Nestov to tell Cole about it and where it was been stored. Sure enough, Nestov told Cole about the weapon and - working together - the two broke in and stole it. However, upon returning to the Watchfire, Nestov appeared to betray Cole and shot him with the weapon before tying him and Mel up.

Zin travels through the energy transporter.

Zin travels through the energy transporter.

When Zin and his men arrived, they began to set up the equipment needed to drill down to where the entrance to the safe was - while Nestov returned to Zin the weapon, along with a handgun that Zin had given him. He also returned to him the Ark (a device that Sidney Berkin had used previously) and finally the key needed to unlock the safe. Convinced that Nestov had therefore dealt with Cole, Zin proceeded to wait as the fugitives continued their task. Eventually they reached the core, with Zin traveling down through an 'energy transporter' (similar to an elevator) to where the safe was located. As he reached the bottom, Zin applied the key and was able to unlock the door - revealing the weapon he had sought after for so long.

However, unbeknown to Zin, Cole and Mel had managed to break free. Furthermore, they had discovered about Mel's heritage - with her been a human/cirronian hybrid and one of the descendants of the 'bloodlines' that the Cirronians had created all those years ago. With help from Cole, Mel used her latent Cirronian
Zin unlocks the vault.

Zin unlocks the vault.

powers to re-energize Cole's powers. After showing Mel how to use the Collector, the pair dealt with the three fugitives in the bar before confronting Nestov over his actions. Nestov revealed how he had been threatened by Zin to help him, but revealed he had done a triple-cross to ensure Cole and Mel stayed alive. Despite this, Cole and Mel's trust in Nestov had been broken. Having now learned for himself what Zin was now looking for, Cole explains the story of the Strada Brac.

Nestov: "So what does Zin want with that weapon?"
Cole: "What do you think? You know back on Varda that they didn't treat him with the kind of respect he thought he should have. It ate away at guess is, he wants to go back and gain their respect".
Mel: "By using a weapon that'll annihilate anything in its path? He can't do that".
Nestov: "Why not? In the hands of a madman like Zin, anything's possible".


Zin with the Strada Brac.

After telling the story, Cole also adds another issue to consider; the Strada Brac is supposed to work on anti-matter - which means if Zin takes it back through the wormhole to Migar, it'll cause an energy backlash powerful enough to destroy Earth. Although Nestov believes Zin will have already thought of it, Cole simply states "[Zin] doesn't care". After tying up Nestov, Cole descends through the energy transporter into the area where the safe is located.

Tracker S01E21 What Lies Beneath - Part 4-110:46

Tracker S01E21 What Lies Beneath - Part 4-1

Cole/Daggon fights Zin - Fight begins at 3:56

Inside, Zin has unlocked the door and - after marveling for a short while at the sight of the fabled weapon of mass destruction - removes it and prepares to leave. However, he is greeted by the sight of Cole - quickly stating he knew he shouldn't have trusted Nestov. Putting down the weapon outside the safe (from which the doors have begun to close), the two begin to have a discussion - with Cole warning Zin that he will stop him from using the weapon to take control of Migar due to his lust for greatness and power.

Cole: "You want to show everyone how great you are, Zin - do it in other ways".

Zin: "Other ways? Hasn't spending time on this planet taught you anything? Humans are no different - they've been killing each other for centuries for power. They call it war - it's their means to an end".

Cole: "They have a lot to learn, yes - but they can still change".

Zin: " the end, they will always resort to violence. It's in their nature - as it is in mine. You cannot change what is instinctive. You know, humans have a saying - 'you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet'. When that door closes, it's for good...I only have one shot at this, then it's gone for eternity".

Cole: "Then take your shot".

With the vault door slowly closing permanently and neither willing to give up their goal, the two fight for the Strada Brac. Zin manages to hold the advantage - matching Cole's combat moves while the two trade their respective energy blows. Managing to knock Cole to the

Zin is trapped for good.

ground on a few occasions, Zin knocks him down a final time before blasting him repeatedly with energy bursts when he tries to get up. As he turns to pick up the weapon, Cole quotes another human saying as he gets back to his feet - "It's not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves". Zin turns around too late to see Cole charge up his power - levitating off the ground in the process. Before he can attack, Zin is hit by Cole's charged energy attack - knocking him off his feet and into the vault. Getting up too late, Zin can only scream in defiance as the door shuts permanently - trapping him inside.

With his former friend and arch-rival finally dealt with, Cole took the weapon back through the energy transporter to the surface. Following the battle, Cole took the weapon and hid it away with Mel's help - returning back to the Watchfire a day later. It's unbeknown where Cole and Mel hid the device, but it's assured the weapon will be safely hidden away from those who seek it. In the meantime, Cole returned to his job of tracking down and capturing the remaining alien fugitives on Earth.


Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 20: Back into the Breach (Mentioned Only)

Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 21: What Lies Beneath

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