The Zarn is an extraterrestrial entity, invisible except for a pattern of white lights reflected on his humanoid surface. His spaceship also possesses the same optical properties, visible only as spots of light.

The lights on the Zarn's body sometimes change from white to red, especially when he gets injured. He is strongly empathic and capable of telepathy and telekinesis. At some point his ship somehow crossed one of the dimensional portals to the Land of the Lost, where he became trapped ever since. He lives in a dark, mist-covered area where the Pakuni are too frightened to go.

The Zarn describes himself as a researcher of humanoid life and claims to have studied "31 thousand human being types on this universe". He is extremely sensitive towards the emotions emanated from humanoids, especially negative ones such as anger, but above all pity. Being exposed to strong emotions can physically harm him.