Biography Information
True Identity George Eamonn Sunday
Alias George Monday
Homeworld Ultron
Species Ultronian
Gender Male
Family Janet Dawkins Sunday (wife), Ollie Sunday (son), Cassie Sunday (daughter), Arnie Kowalski (cousin), Seamus Sunday (father)
Language English
Occupation Shopkeeper
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe My Hero Universe
Created by Paul Mendelson
Performed by Ardal O'Hanlon; James Dreyfus
"Zneet Znadder Zneet"



George Sunday is an Irish shopkeeper who's the alter ego of Thermoman, a world-famous superhero from the planet Ultron. He inherited his title from his father Seamus, the original Thermoman, who is now retired. George originally owns a health food store, but tries to avoid attracting customers in order to avoid attention. Only his closest friends know his true identity. He often appears to be an idiot because of his unfamiliarity with Earth culture and has a tendency to take things literally, such as allowing himself to get hit by a bus to cash in a life insurance policy without realising that he had to die.

From 2006, in his new body, he uses the pseudonym George Monday (James Dreyfus), posing as a doctor in Northolt Health Centre hired by Dr Piers Crispin. Janet introduces Monday to friends and parents as her friend and lodger, however they believe she's in a relationship with Monday, and that she's murdered her husband. Later episodes show characters believing Sunday left her.


Thermoman has numerous abilities in the show. He is able to both heat and freeze things with his 'thermo-breath', and smash things with "super strength". The latter is also a weakness, it being uncontrollable when the superhero's tired, as in series two episode three "Girlfriend", where Thermoman unintentionally smashes alarm clocks with his hand.

Other powers include "flight", "super speed", X-ray vision, resurrection of the dead, time travel and an ability to smell natural disasters and crimes anywhere in the world. Other psychic powers are knowing lottery numbers- although he is forbidden by Ultronian law to use this information- before seeing them on television via a series of quick mental calculations he can carry out automatically. He can also turn the television on and off and rewind it just by waving his finger.

"Invulnerability" allows Thermoman to cut off parts of his own body, such as his own head, and then replace it. This is done without blood (Thermoman doesn't bleed). However this invincibility is only effective when Thermoman believes he's invincible. In one episode he begins to doubt his ability and thus temporarily loses this power, gaining unwanted and uncontrollable invisibility instead. Invisibility occurs when he is afraid, and the amount of parts of his body that turn invisible depend on how frightened he is.

Thermoman can control minds and erase memories by putting his finger to their foreheads, and by giving them a "thermoblast". "Total erasure" is achieved by staring at a person, with the side effect of causing them to lose their hair. Thermoman can also control people's mouths; "Thermowelding" is the ability to weld a person's mouth shut. Zip-it! – a safer way of silencing people, uses a zipper (used on Tyler and Arnie), and is shown in the series three episode "Pet Rescue", along with "Interspecies Interpreter –, that allows Thermoman to communicate with animals excluding dung beetles; ("Why would you want to? They live in dung!"). The latter was used again in series six, episode three, "My Kingdom for a Cat". "Miracle Spit – is used to make plants grow quickly.

As well as all of these powers, Thermoman on multiple occasions, orders additional trial powers from the magazine Superhero Monthly.

Thermoman ethicsEdit

Ultron superheroes take a vow to protect all human life, and the superhero code forbids injuring another human being. Section nine of the code covers illegal impersonation of a superhero for personal advancement and for misuse of superpowers for personal gain. Heroes must transform in the bathroom. If a species falls below acceptable standards, they are "Permanently excluded from the universe", in the worst possible case. In others, they punish the world that has not done particularly well by sending someone that they hate (David Dickinson is mentioned as an example). George and Arnie quote various rules throughout the series including "Always set the best possible example", "Never sneeze with your visor closed", "No superhero shall ever lend his name, image or reputation for commercial endorsement of any kind, including Kentucky Fried Chicken", and "Don't drink and fly".

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