Three members of the Think Tank: Fennim, Kurros and A.I.

The Think Tank, as nicknamed by Captain Janeway, is a society of self-described intellectual aliens which operate in the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy, solving problems of sociological, military, technological or even artistic nature in exchange for whatever the beneficiaries can offer which the Think Tank members will consider interesting. They travel around in a small vessel with a strong hull made of a neutronium alloy.

An unpredictable assembly, they will sometimes save an entire civilization from doom and ask for no more than a culinary recipe as payment. Other times their price might come as almost as prejudicial (or even more) than the problem which has been solved in first place, such as when they freed Saowin's species from their planet's frequent earthquakes but forced them to trade their supplies of bernicium which were needed to build the replicators to feed their people. The Think Tank has been known to even create trouble in first place only to be able to "solve it" and acquire what they wish later on. They are also notable as the ones who found a cure to the Vidiian phage (or at least claim to have done so).

The Think Tank was founded by a millennial aged bioplasmic lifeform known as Bevvox. As of 2375 the group consisted of Bevvox and four other members, all belonging to unknown species: two humanoids, one cnidarianoid and one artificial lifeform. All members except Kurros speak in complex languages which are untranslatable by Starfleet UT devices. As a result, each communicate telepathically using the technology of their vessel and are naturally incapable of understanding each other's languages.

In 2375 the Think Tank attempted to deceive the USS Voyager by paying Hazari bounty hunters to attack them and pretend to find a way out of the situation in exchange for a new member for their group: the former Borg drone Seven of Nine. The trick didn't work and the Think Tank vessel was last seen under attack by multiple Hazari ships. It is unknown what became of them afterwards.

Known MembersEdit

  • A.I. - Referred to only as the Artificial Intelligence, this robotic entity is described by Kurros as having the mind of a mathematician and the soul of an artist. He is fond of modeling a form of art known as fractal sculptures. He was interested in Seven of Nine's biocybernetic nature and communicated telepathically with her during her first visit to the Think Tank vessel. The robot model was seen in other episodes of Voyager aboard alien ships. In-universe, this might be interpreted in that there exist other members of the A.I.'s species spread through the quadrant.
  • Bevvox - The founder of the Think Tank is a blue-colored bioplasmic organism. According to Kurros, his interests tend to vary with time, ranging from exosociology to quantum mechanics, and he is known to be quite sensitive about his age.
  • Fennim - A humanoid creature with what appears to be an armored skin with numerous folds and protrusions.
  • Kurros - A humanoid and the only member capable of communicating with Humans.
  • Sullin - Unnamed in the episode, is the only female member of the Think Tank. A pink cnidarians-like lifeform contained in a liquid-filled reservoir. Described as perhaps the most intelligent member of the group, she is an expert of temporal physics and was the one responsible for finding the precise frequency which would allow the creation of a containment field to eliminate earthquakes on Saowin's planet.


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