General Information
Homeworld To'ul'h Prime
Habitat Land
Body Type Poriferoid
Skin Colors Black and phosphorescent purple
Locomotion None
Diet Heterotrophic (possibly)
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Created by James Rogers
Designed by Steve Bowers

Tho'rahl'shothan is a sponge native to To'ul'h Prime that grows on the land in the Orion's Arm universe. While its consumption is toxic to humans, it is psychotropic to the majority of the To'ul'hs.[1]

Biology Edit

Tho'rahl'shothan is a black organism resembling Earth Porifera, but it grows on land and exhibits bioluminiscence.

Habitat Edit

Tho'rahl'shothan grows on the Narrow Sea. One species used to thrive in the whereabouts of Mt. 'Thass'thon', until it went extinct after the volcano erupted around 37,500 BT.[2]

Toxicology Edit

About 90% of To'ul'hs are able to handle the opiate-like, psychotropic intoxication of Tho'rahl'shothan by consuming less than three sponges, because higher doses are fatal. The remaining fraction of To'ul'hs, who lack this tolerance, die within few minutes after its consumption.

Genetically unmodified humans cannot tolerate Tho'rahl'shothan.

References Edit

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