The Thraddash

The Thraddash look like hornless rhinos brutes in armour, inhabiting Delta Draconis I. Some people would say they're space bikers with a tough everything.

Like smoking cigars in their cockpits and admiring force, they don't just admire force, they don't care for anything for anything BUT force.


The Thraddash have some era-like times which they call "Cultures".

Culture 2

This is the earliest culture mentioned by the Thraddash. Not much is known about Culture 2 apart from they had a resistance to pain

Culture 3Edit

Threatened by the virtues extolled by Culture Two, Culture Three demonstrated the dominance of their culture by brutalizing themselves. A common tactic used by Culture Three armies was to position themselves on higher ground, cut off one of their limbs and wave them threateningly at their enemies. This tactic was apparently effective in sapping the morale of their enemies, causing them to turn and flee. As a result of this, the status of Culture Three war veterans was determined by the number of limbs they had remaining. Thraddash captains note that the war parades were much more interesting, since the heroes did not walk, but rolled — "and at a pretty good clip!"


Thradash Shrine

This is the picture of a shrine located in Thradash space.

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