The Thul are an amazon-like alien race who believe that they are the perfect species, due to their great advances in the fields of cybernetics.

The Thul are actually a clan of human women who live by the teachings of a terran scientist that was exiled by the Galactic Union for her experiments with nanotechnology and cyborging. The Thul to this day strive to become the ultimate species in the galaxy.

The Thul have an emphasis on efficiency and purity. Life forms considered deficient (Humans, Mortoks, everyone not born on Thul soil) are often kept in separate sections on their Trade Stations. Trade goods that are impure or deficient by Thul standards are usually destroyed or sold to other races as surplus.

Thul ships are by far the most advanced spacecraft when compared to those of the Terrans, Mortok, Raptor, Oc'to and Arrack; however they are not as advanced as the DarkStar One and the Skaa ships. They are elegant in shape, with chrome finish and red power conduits. Most things of Thul design follow this scheme, even the lobbies within the Trade Stations. Thul ships primarily use photon cannons as weapons and have cloaking devices as a superpower.


  • It can be believed that the Thul recruit terran women into their race.


The Thul are from the space-flight simulator game, DarkStar One (computer version) and DarkStar One: Broken Alliance (Xbox360 version).

Spaceship GalleryEdit

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