Time Bug
General Information
Homeworld Presumably World of Goo
Habitat Unknown, known to live in a large number of environments
Height Unknown, smaller than that of a Goo Ball
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Language Unknown, if any
Subspecies/Races N/A
Behind the Scenes
Universe World of Goo Universe

A Time Bug is a small fly-like creature that lives in the World of Goo. They are notable for their ability to turn back time by one "move" if touched.

Description Edit

Time Bugs are tiny ball-shaped bugs with two eyes and two wings. They usually flitter back and forth, but have a tendency to stay in sight of the camera. They can live in various kinds of environments, even dangerous ones like the inside of a factory.

When touched, a Time Bug will undo one "move". This means that they restore time to back before the last Goo Ball was attached to a structure, or before the last Block Goo was grabbed and released. However, they disappear afterwards. This potentially means that the power it takes to go back in time causes it to be erased from the timeline.

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