250,000 BCE -The Precursors appear on the galactic scene.

198,000 BCE - The Precursors Disapear from the galactic scene. Around this year the Precursors had left the Local Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy to travel to the far side of it in the Kessari Quadrant.

c. 22,000 BCE - The Faz join the Sentient Milieu.

c. 20,000 BCE  -    Dnyarri are discovered on Planet Gilandy and discovered by the Ur-Quan. Dnyarri overthrown, the Path of Now and     Forever and the Eternal Doctrine formulated, the Words uttered and the  Mael-Num driven from their homeworld. Its also around this time that the Mael-Num discovered the Xen-Weyi and then began trading with them. They traded them a device known as the Genesis Device, also known as the Planet terraformer device. Interestingly the Mael-Num Gave the Xen-Weyi Bio data in exchange for intangleble information about the Xen-Weyi themselves. This contrast with there decendents the Melnorme which will sell information about them selves and buy bio-data.

c.17,000 to 17,500 BCE - The Xen-Weyi are slave shiled at some point during the Dnyarri Slave Empire era    which ended around 17,500 BC. Also around this time The Foon Foon ship gets upgraded by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za from a exploration probe with out weapons into one now with some small lasers. The new laser weopon is called the "Foon Foon Blaster". also they have given them another secondary weapon known as the Light Saber.

c. 1160s ACE     The Lurg Tell the Mycon not to destroy the Earth and its inhabitants.

1940         The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za begin forming plans to attack Earth.



The Arilou vistitation to Earth Becomes more freaqent in the 1950s.

the Small War of 2015 occured.

2019 Creation of the first Androsynth.
2025 The confiscation and storage of all weapons of mass destruction by the United Nations in so-called Peace Vaults, resulting in the first year without war on Earth.
2035 Cataclysm caused by a Deep Child makes Syra uninhabitable, forcing Syreen to flee.
2075 Yehat discover and "uplift" the Shofixti.
2085 The Clone Revolt.
c. 2098 Ur-Quan Kzer-Za enslave first species in our region of space (the Thraddash).
Ur-Quan Kzer-Za defeat the Umgah.
2111 Ur-Quan Kzer-Za subjugate the Spathi.
c. 2112 Ur-Quan Kzer-Za defeat the Ilwrath.
2112 The Chenjesu first contact Earth.
2116 Foundation of the Alliance of Free Stars.
2119 The Insult (most probably; possibly in 2126).
2134 Discovery of a Precursor facility on Unzervalt.
Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm defeated and slave-shielded on Procyon II.
Humans defeated and slave-shielded on Earth.
2142 Destruction of the Gg by the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah.
c. 2145 Destruction of the Burvixese by the Kohr-Ah.
2155 Arrival of the Precursor ship at Earth; start of Star Control II's events.
2159 Start of the Kohr-Ah Death March, if not delayed or prevented.




Start of the Kohr-Ah Death March, if delayed but not prevented.

The Captains Second voyages with the Chmmr Flagship begin.

The Cronological end of the Star Control Universe.

Graphical timeline of the Ur-Quan ConflictsEdit

The events marked by blue are known to have occurred within a specific year or time frame. Those events marked by red represent the best-guess estimates as to when the actual events occurred.

Timeline (Star Control)

This is a time Line of star control.

Notes and referencesEdit

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