General Information
Homeworld Tivoli
Body Type Humanoid
Height Same as Humans
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who

The Tivolians are a sapient humanoid species from the planet Tivoli which take a strange delight in being conquered and subjugated. They have a slightly rodent-like appearance thanks to their large incisor teeth and pointed ears.

Described as one of the oldest races in the galaxy, the Tivolians have outlived so many other civilizations due to their completely passive nature, as they openly allow others - and even encourage others - to conquer their planet. They tend to display cowardice when threatened, and will gladly surrender at the first opportunity. They don't mind the least being ruled over and even enslaved, as long as they aren't killed. Their planetary anthem is "Glory to <Insert Name Here>".


  • Doctor Who - "The God Complex"
  • Doctor Who - "Before the Flood"


  • The name of this species is conjectural, based on the name of their homeworld (Tivoli).
  • Their attitude towards being conquered is similar to that of the Mizarians.