Tom Mason is a human and a high-ranking member of the Earth Resistance in Falling Skies.

Pre InvasionEdit

Prior to the invasion of earth Tom was a History Professor at the Massachusetts University. He was married with three sons; eldest Hal. middle child Ben and youngest Matt.

Pre showEdit

Shortly after the alien invasion Tom's wife is killed by a Mech when she whent out scavenging. Tom was meant to be out scavenging that day but was exhausted from the constant running that surviving humans were forced to endure. After his wife's death he worked to keep his three boys safe but in an undisclossed event Ben was captured and Harnessed by the invaders.

After this Tom and his remaining family joined up with other survivors in the city to begin the Earth Resistance movement and became a part of the 2nd Massachusetts regiment.

In the SeriesEdit

At the start of the series Tom is made second in command of the 2nd Mass by Cornel Porter due to his knowledge of Military tactics and good standing with the civilians population. He and Weaver lead the 2nd mass to their new Base in a school outside the city. During this time his son Hal reveals that he spotted Ben while out on a scouting mission. Having not seen his soon for months he is overjoyed to know is son is alive though still harnessed. Tom then wants to go on a mission to rescue Ben but the resistance leaders are against it due to the risk of alerting the skitters of their location. They change their minds when word arrives that a doctor has come up with a possible method of realsing a child from the harness withought killing them. Despite the risk of making his son a gunie pig he and a few other fighter go to a nerby hospital where Ben and the other Children are being used as slave labour.

The simple snach and grab plan hits a snag when one of the men sees his son Rick in the group and breaks cover to try and grab him alerting the aliens to the humans. Tom is separated from the group and chassed by a skitter through the tunnels. Cornerd he remembers what another survivor who had managed to kill a Skitter at close range did and shoots the creature in its legs disableing it. Rather than kill the alien his securers in a net and drags it back to base has a "prisoner of war" so the resistance can get a better idea of what they are dealing with. Back at base he learns that Hal has not returned and fearing he has lost another son he heads back out to find him.

Finding Hal on the road he learns that Hal was released after being forced to watch the Mechs execute the remaining Children in Rick's group. Tom realises that Hal was realsed has a warning from the Skitters to the humans; take one and we kill the rest. Realaing this information after the success of Rick's operation the resistance realises that to save ben and the other Children they must rescue every child in the group or none at all. Another rescue operation is planned and through the use of a dead Harness and information learnt about the skitters through the Prisoner and Rick they are able to rescue Ben and several other Children and remove their Harnesses.

Half way through the series Tom is capturered by a rouge group of humans who have been trading Children with the Skitters in exchange for Immunity from attacks. Tom is capturered when he and the resistance realise they have been tricked by the group's leader who got them to hand over their Children to his group for protection for a supposed Skitter armada that was coming after the resistance. Fortunately Tome is able to get word to Ben who runs back to base and is able to lead Weaver and the resistance soldiers to the rouge group's farm. Tom personally shoots the rouge group's leader when he tries to use Hal has a human shield. Weaver then informs the group that should they be caught trading with the Skitters again they will be treated like the enemy and killed on sight.

In episode eight Tom, Weaver and Hal discover the true masterminds of the invasion when they spot a pair of Slenders instructing some Skitters while scouting the city. Tom theorises the Slenders are like genrals who have remained hidden from view instruscting the Skitters and are only now revealing themselves because they belive Earth is theirs. Tom also learns from Dr Glass that the Skitters are actually slaves of the Slenders since she found a harness buried in a dead Skitter's back. Realising the Skitter were probably another life form prior to enslavement he is left with the destirbuing though that his son maby turing into the enemy.

In the season finale Tom ends up sparing for control of the resistance with Weaver who wants to continue a mission despite the risks and the fact that the other resistance groups may be dead. Weaver has him locked up but Tom's famiy and friends eventually free him and Tom is able to convince Weaver to tell the resistance the truth abouit the mission and the fact they may be the last resistance group in the area. Weaver is surprised when Tom's assumptions are true about the members of the resistance are willing to continue with the mission and the fight depite the overwhelming odds. While the fighters head of to attack the alien structure in the city Tom is left in charge of the base.

They are soon put on alert when Tom is forced to chase after Rick who runs off to try and rejoin the Skitters; the Harness having condisined his mind to accept the aliens over humans. Tom catches up with Rick who the aliens ultimetly regected but not before they convinced him to tell them all he knew of the resistance. Rushing back to base Tom and the other prepare for attack and using the new Jamming device created upon the discovery of the aliens being connected to one another via radio waves they drive the attackers back with the jaming frequency.

Taking the Jaming frequency with nhim after the battle Tom gose into the city to search for ant survivors of the resistance's attack on the structure and help a few before he finds Weaver. Observing the retrating aliens he decides to "Let them know we were here" and fires a Mech rocet at a fleeing ship wich crashes into the structure creating a spectacular explosion.

Returning to base the pair find Karren, now harnessed in the middle of the road has an alien ship arrives behind her. Karren explains to the paiir that the Slenders had not expected such resistance from a less advanced species and this has intressted them, and they want to talk. This infurates Tom who realises the aliens thought Earth was an easy target and he angrily declares "You murder millions of people, you steal our children, and now you want to negotiate, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM US!".

Tom is ultimetly forced to go with the aliens when it is revealed that Ben is still under the Harness conversion prosess depite it being removed and the aliens threaten to claim Ben again is Tom doesn't go with them. With no other opition he followes Karren in to the ship ending the first series.

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