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Tooke-trap plants were a species of plant that were native to the Gungan-occupied swamps of Naboo.


They were carnivorous plants that possessed between one and four stalks, each with a mouth on the end, that protruded from a leafy central bush. Though these plants could survive solely on water and sunlight like a normal plant, Tooke-traps also preyed on small rodents and insects. Their main prey was the Tooke, from which the species derived its name. Because the fragrance it emitted was identical to that of Tooke mating pheromones, Tookes found it irresistible. Gungans found the plants to be excellent house plants.

Tooke-trap plants would sometimes form a symbiotic relationship with a Shiro. In return for the Tooke-trap's protection, the Shiro provided locomotion. These symbioses were referred to as shiro-traps.



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