The Tor-ho is the most fearsome beast in the mountainous regions of Va-nah, the inner surface world of the Earth's moon.

It's a reptilianoid predator, about the size of a mountain lion and with an appearance also somewhat reminiscent of a feline creature, although predominantly reptilian. It has curved fangs and its vocalizations have been described as a most horrible sound, like a combination of shrieks and moans. As a predator, it is notable for its persistence and extreme aggressiveness, as it seemingly never abandons a target, even after being severely injured in fight.

Their diet naturally consists of Rympths and Flying Toads, but they will eagerly attack any other prey if given the chance. Because they prey on these two poisonous species, the bite of the Tor-ho is described as being fatal. This likely means that they steal the toxins from the meat they consume and store them within their own fangs, similar to how a sea slug's body stores toxins from the sea anemone that it feeds on.


  • The Moon Maid, by Edgar Rice Burroughs (1926) (First appearance)

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