The Torus is an alien entity or race of such beings that had a very important hand in the evolution of mankind.


Radioactive dating of the rocks from which the Torus arose on Earth were dated to be at least 4 billion years old. Thus, it was believed to had predated life on the planet though it was not known who had placed it on Earth. However, its capacity to reconstitute DNA was believed to be linked to the reason why it was on the planet. It was believed that the Torus served as the original catalyst for life on Earth and was responsible for numerous jumps in evolution on the planet. The internal memory of the entity contained a complete history on life on the planet where it held knowledge on two distinctly different strains of life. This first species that evolved were destroyed during the re-terraforming process conducted by the Torus that was responsible for creating a second species - namely Humans.

In 2001, the Torus appeared in Bhutan where it performed numerous miracles in the area that attracted the attention of the United States as well as Chinese governments. Their aggressive actions against the entity led it to decide to re-terraform the planet and bring about the emergence of new life.


These large monolith styled beings were capable of manipulating cellular structure and reconstitute DNA. It had the power to produce evolutionary jumps in entire species and give rise to their development. This power also gave it the capacity to heal beings of any disease, illness or disability in their biology. In appearance, the entity had a single tip that protruded into the ground and its main solid body spiralled upwards in a torus style pattern. The creature's immense size that measured 300 stories high allowed species such as Humans to enter its body where it did not harm them unless they became hostile. In the case of aggression, the Torus produced energy tendrils both internally and externally that were able to destroy fighter jets or killed human beings.

It was also capable of producing a cloud cover that had the capacity to extend over an entire planet as part of a re-terraforming process. This was intended to end the evolutionary epoch of one species and bring about the emergence of a new one.


The Torus feature in the movies Epoch and Epoch: Evolution.

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