The Torvus Bearerpod is an Aether plantform engineered by the Luminoth to be an organic storage unit during their war with the Ing. It is suited for the brackish environment of the Torvus Bog, and like the Agon Bearerpod, it contains useful items within it.

The Torvus Bearerpod has a robust build, with rough bonelike growths on its sides and several branches on top, which are curled in a way resembling the "hair" of a Warrior Ing. Its environment is home to various toxins, which it feeds on to produce a lethal gas within itself. The toxic nature of the Bearerpod deters other creatures from eating it, keeping the plant and its contents safe. When something tries to crack the pod open, the poison gas it produces bursts out, in a similar manner to a ruptured Puffer or Preed. The gas cloud disperses after a few seconds, allowing one to loot the pod's contents.

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