Translator Doors are a Luminoth security mechanism that are protected by encrypted codes written in the Luminoth language. They can only be opened by the Scan Visor if the translator module can read Luminoth language.


Translator Doors are large reinforced doors with a hologram projector that displays a character from the Luminoth alphabet. The doors are color-coded, like Luminoth Lore Projectors, and they can only be opened when the translator module has been updated to allow the Scan Visor to scan each type of door. The colors include, in order from translator updates, Violet, Amber, Emerald and Cobalt. Often, in the case of the doors at the Temple Grounds and Great Temple, the scans translate a snippet of text about the region the door leads to. Every other door recites the Luminoth Creed. ("Through vigilance and strength, we create peace.")


(Listed in the order they are acquired)

Violet: Obtained from U-Mos after first meeting him in the Great Temple.

Amber: Obtained from I-Sha at the Agon Temple.

Emerald: Obtained from A-Voq at the Torvus Temple.

Cobalt: Obtained from O-Lir at the Sanctuary Temple.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)

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