Galaxy The Milky Way
Region Inner Sphere
System HD 3823 System
Suns HD 3823
Rotation period 26 hours
Diameter 12,018 km
Atmosphere Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide
Climate Varied
Gravity Low
Primary terrain Forest, sea, permafrost
Population Genetically-adapted humans
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Creator Anders Sandberg

Steve Bowers

Trees is the second planet from the star HD 3823 in the Orion's Arm universe. Named after its tall skywrack trees, it is one the first extraterrestrial biospheres discovered by humanity.[1]

Physical characteristics Edit

Trees is a terrestrial planet slightly smaller than Earth. It currently has one single supercontinent, named Tilia, that will undergo a division in the future. This means that Trees is tectonically active.

History Edit

Trees was first observed and identified as life-harboring sometime prior to 2230 CE.[2] Humanity reached and colonized the planet in the following centuries, and some were tweaked (bio-engineered) in order to adapt to Treesian biochemistry.

From the dawn of its colonization, Trees was under the control of megacorporations, until they were all assimilated to the Conver Ambi, an early expansionist empire.[3] The locals showed resistance to the new sovereignity, idolized by the popular folk hero and canopy-dweller Erle Spang.

When the Conver Ambi split, the planet was annexed to the Negentropy Alliance. It remained largely as a nature reserve for two millennia, until the arrival of NoCoZo. Trees then became a protectorate of Automated Defense Systems Inc. Tourism and biotechnological industries flourished as a result.

Trees made itself independent in the ComEmp era, but it was later absorbed to the Cygexpa network. The forementioned network later dissolved and Trees has remained independent since.

Biosphere Edit

Native species Edit

Immigrated species Edit

References Edit

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