Trelania of Telezart
Biography Information
Homeworld Telezart
Species Telezarti
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Birth Unknown
Death November 13th, 2201
Body Type Similar to humans
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Abilities Powerful psychic abilities, can manipulate matter, teleportation.
Personality Calm, peace loving, haunted by the destruction she has caused in the past.
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Blazers
Performed by Lydia Leeds
Appearances Star Blazers: The Comet Empire and Star Blazers: Rebirth (comic)

History Edit

While her early life is mostly unknown, Trelaina grew up during a war. Several species in Telezart's local sector of space had been vying to control the sector and Telezart was dragged into the war. Telezart was attacked and invaded, with the attackers firing directly on civilian populations. During a particularly terrible bombing raid Trelaina couldn't take the stress and horror of the war anymore and accidentally released a massive wave of psychic energy, killing everything on Telezart and reducing its cities to ruins.

She lived alone in a self imposed exile on Telezart for several years before sensing the approach of the White Comet Empire. Learning they were going to target an unsuspecting planet (Earth) she sent a message to Earth to warn them of the incoming danger. A ship from Earth was sent to meet with her directly. Trelaina and the ship's helmsman, Mark Venture, started a relationship during the meeting. When the White Comet Empire tried to move its forces through the Telezart system, she destroyed Telezart with her powers, severely damaging their Star Fortress, buying Earth several more weeks to prepare for the invasion.

She appeared one more time, after the White Comet Empire had destroyed the Earth Defense Fleet and was bombarding the planet. Using all of her powers she annihilated the ships attacking Earth but the amount of power she released destroyed herself in the process.

24 years after her death Trelaina appears in spirit form along with several other deceased characters to explain the multiverse to Captain Derek Wildstar.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The scope of Trelaina's powers are unknown, however they are immensely powerful. She can convert matter into pure energy, release waves of psychic energy that destroy all in their path, and can even bring people back to life using her life essence. During her final confrontation with the White Comet Empire above Earth, she was most likely severely weakened from destroying Telezart and bringing her love, Mark Venture back from the dead and still had the power to destroy a massive dreadnought and any forces in the solar system.

Telezart Destruction

Trelaina destroys Telezart.

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