Tritons are magical sea creatures who are the male counterparts of mermaids and who come from the home world of Andros with the upper half of a human and the lower part of a fish, and live underwater.
However unlike mermaids who possess fairy - like wings, they appear to have a single fin found over the backbone. Tritons first appeared in Season 5.


The only Tritons known so far are Neptune, the King of the Seas of Andros, Nereus, the heir to the throne, and Tritannus, the son of Neptune and brother of Nereus, and Season 5's main villain after being turned into a monster by pollution due to an oil spill on Earth, which came through a portal on Earth's oceans. The Winx will have to go on a quest to find the ancient Sirenix power to fight him because their Believix powers are too weak to fight Tritannus underwater. As it's stated at the end of season 5, Tritannus loses his power when his trident is destroyed, the Tritons' powers may be contained on their weapons, thus leading them to lose their powers if their weapons are destroyed.


The Triton, Neptune rules all of Andros under the Sea, with his Queen being the Mermaid, Ligea and their children are the Princess Tressa and the twin princes Nereus and Tritannus. Neptune is the brother of King Teredor and Queen Niobe and the uncle of Aisha. In Season 5, Neptune named Nereus as his heir to the throne, making Tritannus jealous.


After Tritannus absorbs the toxic power, he turned into a horrible monster and turns the triton guardians into monsters. The same thing happened to mermaids. Other things coming soon...


  • According to Greek Mythology, tritons are a race of lesser mermaid-like half-human, half-fish deities descended from the God Triton, himself said to be half-fish and half-human, who is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, the God and Goddess of the Sea.
  • For some strange reason when Tritannus mutated his mother into his minion, she looked the same as the other mutated Tritons, the same thing happened with Tressa.

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