Galaxy The Galaxy
Region Outer Rim Territories
Moons 3
Primary terrain Hardpan desert expanse
Points of interest Unremarkable
Native fauna Tritonite
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars Universe

Triton was a small, almost lifeless planet in Mayagil sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was orbited by the three Triton Moons. The moons were nefariously used by many in the galaxy to describe a dead thing—as dead as a Triton moon, due to the ban of stimulants of any kind.


Triton was an unremarkable planet besides its location at the choke of the several hyperspace routes. It was covered by a hardpan desert expanse baked by sunlight which was reflected yellow.

The moons of the planet were no more than checkpoints along the routes such as the Rimma on its way to the Sluis sector, Elrood and the Minos Cluster.


The Tritonites of this world developed a faith around the writings and teachings of the mysterious Gactimus. Travelers to the moons or the planet were required to tithe away money or possessions to Gactimus, and some spacers were forced to join the mysterious cult.


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