The unnamed Enixian

Trof was an Enixian and one of the 218 prisoners who escaped from SAR TOP Prison to the city of Chicago on Earth, taking over a human body.


Nothing is known about this character's reason for been sent to SAR TOP prison.

The Enixian dodges the laser fire

The Enixian dodges the laser fire.

On Earth, Trof was most likely developing alien technology and weaponry for Zin and the other escaped fugitives. However, he was tracked down and pursued by Cole - who was using a 'Night Vision' targetting camera that covered his left eye, along with a handheld laser weapon that shot red bolts of energy (it's likely both these items were made by Trof).

The Enixian and Cole face off

The Enixian and Cole face off.

Chased through underground tunnels, Trof narrowly avoided laser fire from the weapon Cole was using (with Cole likely deliberately missing to ensure he could catch the Enixian), fleeing up several sets of stairs and exiting the tunnel - continuing to run but nearly getting hit by a taxi in the process. Cole followed him up the steps and exited the tunnel as well - ditching the targetting device as he continued his pursuit.

Cole takes the Enixian's life force

Cole takes the Enixian's life force.

Catching up, Cole used his hypertime ability before leaping at Trof - knocking him off his feet. However, in the tackle, Cole dropped both the handheld laser as well as his Collector (used for capturing the prisoner's life forces). Unfortunately, Trof was able to grab it first before threatening Cole - gloating that all the other fugitives talked about Cole been 'the great tracker', but stating that soon they would all instead be talking about him.

Nestov asks Cole for help

Nestov asks Cole for help.

However, the criminal was distracted as another fugitive suddenly appeared from nowhere. Using the distraction to his advantage, Cole grabbed the laser before shooting the Enixian at point blank range - causing him to drop the Collector and fall backwards into a water fountain. Retrieving his Collector, Cole stood over the dazed criminal and extracted his life force. Confronting the other fugitive who had appeared and asking for his name, the fugitive revealed that his name was Nestov, and that he needed Cole's help.


Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 4: Trust

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