Trunsk SWJ13

The Trunsks were a race of large humanoids known for their fighting ability and short tempers. Native to the planet Trunska, the Trunsks adapted to life on the cold, thin-atmosphered planet by evolving cave-like nostrils and large ears. Their ancestors were clawed predators, but the Trunsks eventually developed sentience and began using their hands to form and use tools. Their early civilization was based on military strength and power, until Tyl the Deplorable used his military genius to turn his army into a police force and conquered their homeworld. This stopped the intense wars which raged between the clans, freeing up a great amount of funds with which they began developin technology. Trunsks soon developed their own hyperdrive, but their ability to travel the galaxy was cut short when Emperor Palpatine instituted the New Order. Declared a slave species, the Trusnks were the made the centerpieces of many intergalactic circuses and gladiator fighting rings, despite the fact that they were intelligent and independent. Trunsks were covered with short, stiff fur, and two tusks protrude from their lower jaws. Like Wookiees, Trunsks have retractable claws on their hands and feet.

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